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climbing mountains and taking lemon juice water can be damaged to health?

hello every one.

i tried every thing to lose my weight.i mean diet,exercise,low clories food.but find two things effective and working.1st climbing mountains can be exhaustive for burning fats .2nd thing taking lemonjuice in warm water early in the morning is realy effective.i have shared this with friends.one of my friend said that access of lemon can damage red blood cells inside blood.and climbing hills can effect your knees in future.i m doing this from last 8 or 9 months.i dont have knee problems and dont have blood problems before this nor now.please help.should i leave these 2 things or continue?

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You should continue with both.Unless, you are above say 55 walking uphill is no issue and as long as it does not affect your knees keep on going.

Good luck!


I imagine that lemon juice damaging red blood cells is rubbish (but I'm not a medical doctor). However I'm sure its not all that good for your teeth.

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