52 lbs lost since June

Hi All, just wanted to encourage people that weight loss is possible. I have been overweight for years and also had worsening IBS that was a nightmare. In June I decided to go gluten free. Along with going caffeine free, eating low sugar and very little dairy and doing an early morning fitness boot camp 3 times a week I have lost 52llbs to date and dropped 2 dress sizes - Huzzah! I am using the My Fitness Pal app on my iphone to track my food, weight and exercise . I have 54 llbs to lose to reach my goal and feel confident that I will make it next year. I feel 100% better gluten free but I am am really strict about about having zero gluten in my diet. So don't give up - it can be done! Merry Christmas!


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  • Well done. I too need to lose and have lost a little, but over the xmas its not easy is it? I have been told by a doctor at the hospital to stop or at least eat very little carbohydrates and even told me not to have fresh fruit as this has loads of sugar and I will lose, so when I come back from Tenerife, my husband has told me he will joint me to make it easier, so New Year is hopefully a good one.

    Well done though.

  • What good advice from a doctor. This is the way people used to lose weight before 'low fat' came along.

    There are lots of helpful sites on eating low carb. This is one.


  • Hi, thanks for the info. Did you use this Garcinia and if so how did you do?

  • No I didn't use Garcinia.

  • Well done on the weight loss, glad to hear you are feeling so much better.

    Did you talk to your doctor before you cut out gluten? I wondered if you had been tested for coeliac disease?

  • My doctor has not tested me for gluten, but I have thought about this as my daughter uses gluten free products and has lost weight.

  • Cutting out gluten is not usually a way to lose weight, unles you stop eating things like bread, cereal and cake altogether. For some people, gluten upsets their stomach, and in some cases can make you very ill (coeliac disease).

  • Very happy to know of your success.

  • I have been tested for coeliac and did not come out as positive. However there are a number of coeliacs in my family and I thought I would see if my IBS improved if I cut out gluten. I didn't consult my doctor as I made sure my diet was healthy. My IBS improved immediately and disappeared after 7-10 days going gluten free - after years of issues. I also lost weight as I was calorie counting and eating v low sugar diet. I recently had a whole load of blood tests and all my results were healthy. I have been taking a multi vitamin pill with iron daily as a back up. I would add that I have been doing 3 x 45 boot camps a week plus generally trying to be more active. This makes a big difference to the weight loss. You need both to consistently lose in my experience. I have another 57 llbs to lose to reach my healthy weight goal.

  • Glad to hear of your success. Going gluten free does seem to help a lot of IBS sufferers, even without a diagnosis of coeliac disease.

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