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Completed week 1

Hi there, i have just completed week 1 of the 12 week plan and have managed to lose 2lbs. I'm feeling really positive about finally losing the weight and feel like I'm really in the right mindset. With the time of year I've had several lunches out meeting friends and though I have been tempted to order high calorie meals and have dessert for once I've found the strength to say no I'll just have a baked potato. It's only the first week in a long line but normally my biggest problem is resisting temptation. Hoping I can keep up the same momentum in the coming weeks! Hope everyonr stays strong over the holidays :)

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Well done on your first weeks loss, a great first step and im sure the first of many :-)

Well done on making the right choices, so many temptations around at the moment.

Keep up the good work


That is a good start. I do the NHS choices and have lost 40lb since July so it does work with hard work and determination. Well done x


Thanks I'm feeling very positive about everything, hoping it stays that way!

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