Some may not call it progress

... as I have not lost weight. But for me there is definite progress:

I have not eaten sweets for a month, apart from some sugar-free sweets (and a teaspoon jam on a few occasions).

I have increased my fruit intake, which was really low before (by too much, actually, so need to decrease it now).

I have maintained my weight for 3 weeks instead of gaining as before. So, I have arrested the weight gain.

I eat very healthy foods. No junk, or stodgy, deep-fried, highly processed stuff.

Next step: start reducing the portions gradually.

I am confident in the new year I will start seeing a slow loss. I don't mind if initially it is a slow as 2 - 3 pounds a month. I am not one to rush the process: been there, tried that, did not work.

i admire those who can jump into the weight loss process and start losing 2 lbs or more a week. But even though I am slow, I know I can lose weight successfully too with my approach.


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24 Replies

  • Hi Zenette,

    I think you've made some positive changes and agree that you're making good progress to have maintained your weight at this challenging time of year.

    Wishing you success with your goals and hope you have a great Christmas.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks for the support, Lowcal!

    Yes, I needed this 'nudging in' pre-dieting period to first clean up my habits, I feel more ready now for the process.

    WIshing you a very happy Christmas too and blessings for the New Year. Congratulations on your success this year: a great Christmas gift to yourself.

  • Hi Zenette,

    Many thanks! :-)

    Here's to a great year next year and more progress. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Zenette,

    I suffer the same problem. I eat healthly and feel like i,ve done really well. I even feel like i,ve lost weight only to find i have not dropped an ounce. Very discouraging. I will persevere and put the scales away. Its after i,ve weighed myself that things go awry. Have a great Christmas and a happy slim new year.

  • Yes, if the scale hampers your efforts, avoid it. Anything that gets in my way I want to disengage from too,

    See your better eating regime as the first step to success: part of the journey.

    Thanks for your wishes, and a happy Christmas to you too, followed by an exciting New Year.

  • Well done on giving up the sugar, it's not an easy thing to do. I hope that reducing your portion size will work for you and your weight loss. Sometimes what is needed is a change in proportions or types of food eaten. Make veg and protein the biggest part of your diet, and switch from 'white' carbs to 'brown'.

    If you have eaten a lot of sweet food for a long time and you find that do not have any luck with your weight loss, it may mean that you are insulin resistant. In this case, cutting calories or portion size may not work.

  • Hi Penel,

    Does insulin resistant mean diabetic or something else

  • It means that you may be on your way to type 2 diabetes, or other metabolic problems.

  • Thanks, Penel. Yes, I have eliminated the white carbs now. And while I eat a lot of veg and protein, I eat too much fruit and yoghurt (have quite a fondness for yoghurt), I've been eating 4 or 5 portions of fruit a day, which I need to decrease to 2.

    Trying to buy less fruit now.

  • My weakness is cheese. I have to make sure not to eat too much.

  • Some cheeses are a bit lower in calories at least than others, e.g. feta and low-fat mozarella. And parmesan and blue cheese have a strong flavour, so you need less of it.

  • You have to watch the protein intake too Penel. Too much can be turned to glucose, with toxic side-products including ammonia and uric acid that the body then has to deal with. That's why it's important to have some natural fat, which is relatively inert.

  • Well done. You've definately made some positive changes and if it works for you then fair play, take it at your own pace, its your weight loss journey no one elses. You will get to your goal, and feel amazing for dealing with every hurdle and still succeeded. Good luck and hope it all goes really well

  • Thanks for the encouraging words. Weight loss is definitely not a one-approach-fits-all process.

    The main thing is to make progress, even if it is slow. My friend has a saying 'Progress, not perfection', which are wise words.

    Good luck also with your journey and happy Christmas.

  • I may have to remember that saying :-)

    Merry christmas to you too and lets hope this year is a slimmer one for both of us

  • Well done. That is a great achievement.

    Eating some natural fats will make it easier to satisfy your appetite so you won't need to eat the jam or as much fruit.

  • Yes, I agree. I eat olives almost daily, and a bit of sesame oil, and I take a fish oil supplement. Other than that, and salmon and sardines frequently, I don't eat much other fat.

  • Yes, I agree. I eat olives almost daily, and a bit of sesame oil, and I take a fish oil supplement. Other than that, and salmon and sardines frequently, I don't eat much other fat.

  • I would switch from fruit to veg as far as possible. My understanding is that the health authorities now realise that they made a mistake in recommending five a day, or seven a day, (or whatever the latest is) of fruit and vegetables, and now are realising that they should have confined it to vegetables. Fruit very high in sugar, even if it is in fructose form, and it is increasingly apparent that it is sugar, in whatever form, that leads to obesity. Yoghurt is also very high in sugar. I always wondered why I wasn't losing weight despite drinking so many 'healthy' fruit smoothies....

  • Plain yoghurt only contains about 6 grms, in 100grms, of natural lactose sugar. It's a useful food.

  • It promotes excess insulin release though

  • Maybe that is flavoured/sweetened yogurt. It does not specify plain yogurt, which must surely have a lower insulin index.

  • "Fruit very high in sugar, even if it is in fructose form"; you mean especially if it is in fructose form! Fructose glycosylates haemoglobin seven times as much as glucose, causes non-alcoholic fatty-liver and insulin-resistance.

    I don't think health authorities have changed their advice; they would have to admit they were wrong.

  • I too didn't lose any weight at first but was pleased that I was at least not gaining! At last after nearly four weeks I've now lost a bit, and this has only happened in the last couple of weeks really.

    Like you I only noticed that my clothes were feeling looser at first, however my weight was the same for weeks.

    Keep going, you'll soon see a difference on those scales!!

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