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Help eating less and gaining


Hi there

I am 21 year old female and weight 10.11 NOW and i am the height of 5.6 ..

In my first week of dieting i lost four stone to weigh 10.10 but at the start of this week i have put on 1lb ... And i have been sticking to my 1200 calories or less ... What happening

Please help

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You could be eating the wrong type of foods, make sure the calories you are eating are good calories, i.e 4 chocolate fingers is 104cals but high sugar and fat whereas 3 clementines is 105cals byt has vitmain d and natural sugars.

You could also be eating to few calories and your body is going into starvation mode, look on google and find out what your daily amount should be, then you can work out your calories to take off in relation to the weight you want to lose. 1lb is the eqivalent 3500cals per week, so if your bmr is 14000 per week you would need to eat 10500 to lose 1lb (1500per day) of course you still need to exercise and make sure the calories are coming from the right type of foods.

Stay strong you will get there, you may just be at a plateau

You lost 4 stone in a week?? I would say you are perhaps eating too little, especially if you're exercising along side this calorie deficit.

Are you also doing a lot of exercise/cardio with this 1200 calorie intake?

No i dont do any excersize with it at all

Hi, do you know you're within your healthy weight range so if you're eating too little calories your body could have gone into starvation mode?

I meanf 4 lb nof four stone ba

Starvation mode is a myth, if your gain in weight your eating more calories than your burning. A calorie is a calorie regardless of which food you eat. Calories in v calories out, simples.

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