The Christmas dilemma

Every year seems to be the same story...we pig out at Christmas only to be filled with regret and disappointment in January...what a terrible and wonderful of the year for a Yo-yo dieter.' Wonderful' because we all know that Christmas fun is a great excuse to pig out and 'terrible' because we all know that we will experience the inevitable feelings of despair come January.

Well, as you can see from my previous posts...I did the diet and I lost the weight. And guess what...4 months on and I am still the same weight...I did not gain anything back. So, yes...I am proof that this diet works...really works. I am not here to 'blow my own horn' so to speak. To change your life requires dedication and determination. But more importantly, it's the support that you get from people just like yourself, struggling with the same issues that will get you through.

So, this is the dilemma...Next week it's Christmas, and I don't want to go overboard. I have a really big incentive not to, because I am going on a fab holiday in January and I don't want to develop a muffin top to hang over my bikini bottoms! But more importantly, I don't want to lose my way. You's not the gaining I am worried about...but the re-emergence of a pattern of losing and gaining and losing and gaining...Hell no! I am not going back to that old half life! I need to look after my health. And being a yo-yo dieter is super unhealthy. (As any yo-yo dieter would know).

So here I am, hoping that one of you guys on this forum would reply with some words of wisdom. It's not easy. Especially this time of year...but, if I think about it differently then perhaps I might make it through the festive season without acquiring a muffin top.

So, this is the plan: 1. I will continue to do my exercise. 2. I will do extra exercise 3. I will only enjoy a delicious Christmas Eve dinner and then a Christmas day tins of celebrations...def. not going to use the excuse: 'Oh, it's Christmas.'

I Say this every year, but this year I really want to make a concerted effort: I want to think differently about Christmas....its not about the food or the presents ( and the food and presents are a big part of the commercialism that we buy into. Buying what we don't need and eating too much of what we shouldn't. Leaving us fat, sad and bankrupt in January) When really, Christmas is about love, family, peace and goodwill to all men....etc. etc. etc. But being strong in such a superfluous environment is not easy. And if you decided that you want to really enjoy your food as much as you can and accept a gain ( knowing that you will work on getting rid of it in January...I think that is fine too as it is a controlled 'lapse of reason'. Unfortunately, that is not an option open to me at this point. (BIKINI!)

So, yes...I will have a fab Christmas...without all that which I don't need...and the turkeys can go and stuff themselves...because, this year, in my new life as a healthier person...I am cerainly not going to stuff myself. And not only will December be fab, but so too will January...I might sound brave...but I am not. Support, ideas, thoughts...this is what I need. It is not easy. But I will allow myself to dream and say that come Christmas Day, bolstered by the online support and inspiration, I will laugh in the face of those chocolate covered profiteroles!


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26 Replies

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  • Oh yes, you can get through Christmas still maintaining.

    You have proved that you can prevent weight gain: 4 months is an extended period!

    Just focus on keeping the portions small, no seconds either.

    And see the profiteroles for what they really are: fat and sugar laden nutrition-empty calories that will make your digestion sluggish ...

  • Thanks for are right...most of these Christmassy foods are just fat and sugar laden empty calories and I don't want to feel sluggish and ill. It helps of course if I dont have them in the house...there is no way I can ever have chocolate or sweets in the house. I will eat them. Running keeps me I'm hoping to do a couple next week. Hope you have a great festive time!

  • I wish you all the best hope all works out.Happy Christmas and New year.

  • I exercise every Christmas bar Christmas day and New years day. May put a bit on over Christmas but not as much as you would if not exercised I limit it so its not as bad. I normally find it works because after Christmas I have gained hardly

    anything or not as much. I lost a bit of weight the year my mum died around Christmas by eating smaller amounts didn't loss much but enough to kick start the diet to start properly in January. Its hard at Christmas but I stick to exercise all Christmas period bar two days and it works.

  • Hi Lisa...for sure! Exercise really helps me too. I wouldn't have maintained the weight if I didnt do exercise. I got a plan from the gym so I have no excuse even if the weather turns bad. I also find that it really helps me with my mental state. I am very sorry that your mum died around this time. I lost my father-in-law in a very traumatic way around this time too. Wishing you all the best during this time! Thanks for the support.

  • I hope all goes well for you and works out for you.

  • I subscribe to a terrific weight loss blog. Today it talked about your problem - overeating at Christmas. I thought his advice was great.

  • I almost forgot - here is the address of the post about Christmas:

  • This is a very nice blog! Thanks for sharing this!! It will really help me. I hope you have a fab Christmas.

  • Hi Jeff

    I just looked at the weightzonefactor web site & it gives you really good sound advice ( which we all know) but need to be reminded off.....

    Love this site as it really helps me and keeps me on track.

  • This is my third Christmas maintaining after losing three stone (42 pounds/20 kilos) on the 5:2 Diet. It's so easy to fit 'fasting' (500 calorie) days around Christmas so that's what I'll be doing. I've been the same weight now since April 2013. :) I fasted yesterday, today I'll be eating a three course Christmas lunch with my walking group, so I'll walk the two miles each way to compensate. Tomorrow I might fast again. Easy-peasy and I can still enjoy my food without counting calories every day - and I'm increasing my lifespan!

  • You look fab on your pic! This sounds so interesting. I saw a documentary on the BBC about fasting. I don't think I would try fasting just yet...just because I had a very bad relationship with food in the past. I like to use exercise to offset extra calories at the moment...but Im not ruling out fasting just yet though...of course I also want to increase my lifespan! But I really run lots and do lots of weights and I don't think I would have the energy to do my exercise if I fast...and I become sooooo terrible when I get hungry...I turn into a moody monster.

  • Watch this programme that started it off

    It's compulsive viewing! If you don't live in the UK then you can watch it on

    The programme originally aired on 6th August 2012 and it changed my life! I'll be 65 on Monday and I've been at my goal weight since April 2013. I run about 30 minutes three times a week and I've never been slimmer or fitter!

  • Wow! 65? Seriously! I am watching this....right after The Apprentice is finished...I live in Edinburgh by the's a fab city for running.

  • I guess the plan, as mine is, is to have less temptation around you, and eat wisely and modestly!

  • Having less tempation is very useful to me...I had this plan to bake all these biscuits for everybody...but I had to stop it because I ended up sampling too many. I have to bake something for Sunday...but now, I am planning to do it on Saturday night so I wont end up eating it.

  • Great post and well done y ou for remaining strong against the xmas temptations. I am 5lbs below my goal weight and don't intend xmas to spoil the new me. Instead I shall use summer as my motivation to stay slim...

  • I would just add to feel thinner and better all year long!

  • Absolutely...thanks for the support! Have a fab Christmas.

  • time I feel tempted I must think of one word...and one word only: BIKINI! Well done you for dieting through Christmas. You brave person! You will have your best summer ever next year! Wishing you all the best!

  • From what I hear, I'm glad I no longer go to work. Workplaces are apparently full of tins of chocolates and all other kind of sweet treats. The cry is 'oh go on, one won't hurt you'. Really glad to be relieved of all that kind of pressure!

    We've just got back from a weekend away in the Midlands - attending a wedding celebration of a couple who got married in Thailand - and then we're going to be away for a couple of nights in France at the end of the month. Apart from those 'away' days, we shan't have any of the temptations that others have. I think we're lucky. One of my friends in her annual 'round robin' Christmas letter confessed to having developed diabetes through her liking for fudge. As she also has osteoporosis, extra weight is the last thing she needs! The risk of developing diabetes is enough motivation for me. It's something I can definitely do without.

    The link from the weightzonefactor is excellent. So much basic common sense.

  • I like to bake...which is a problem. I had grand plans for loads of baking...but I just realized that it wasn't going to work. So, I had to put a stop to it. When you see how some people suffer for their love of's very sad indeed. That is not a nice life. That is also a big incentive for me to keep looking after my health. Thanks for the support and have a fab Christmas.

  • Growing up in rural Yorkshire I saw it all. Baking was what women did. However, everyone was very active as a routine - no need to go to the gym, it was all in normal life!

    When we visited my husband's son and D-in-L on Saturday, she had made a lovely lemon-flavoured sponge cake and we all had a slice, still warm from the oven. But we had one slice. We didn't 'pig out' on it.

    I think my friend with diabetes and osteoporosis has not got a very nice life. The first thing she should do with osteoporosis is - not to smoke! Try telling her that. She says she needs it for her 'mental health'. Fudge and cigarettes - both things I can do without.

  • Cake once in a while is healthy, you need days when calories don't matter, lots of healthy baking ideas, replace fat with half yoghurt, still gives things moisture too

  • It's nice when you can share your problem is that I have a tendency to pig, I try not to even go there...I bought chocolates for the kids for presents...I am wrapping them immediately when I get home!

  • I hope it was a great festive season for all of you. I thought it would only be fair to tell you what finally happened.. Christmas week I managed to do some exercise but my efforts were hampered by a stupid cold. I enjoyed a few delicious treats but decided to gorge on Christmas clementines instead of too much chocolate. At the end of the week, I was very happy to find that I did not gain any weight. I did gain a little over the weekend after Christmas, but managed to lose that and some over last week. This was my first Christmas after making the big change last naturally I was filled with trepidation. But what this experience has taught me is that food has lost its power over me. And that yes, I really did change. (It's not my imagination!) Every January in the past used to be a very depressing time. This year is so different. I am happy and looking forward to my holiday now. And the most precious thing of it all is that I don't spend my energy obsessing about food and what I look like. I know what I need to eat and do to keep being a healthy weight. I realise that there are many more important things to think living my life, I really feel that something ' clicked '. I am thankful for this programme and for all the online support. It made (and still a is making) a big difference.

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