From The Camera of FatbellyGutbucket

From The Camera of FatbellyGutbucket

Once a month I like to walk into town to collect my filled prescription of BP and Neuralgia meds. It's about 9 miles and gives me a decent workout. This morning I set out at about 08:00 and managed to catch this nice view of Hambledon Hill from Okeford Hill. As it was taken on a smart phone with a grubby lens it's not as good as I would have liked, but I think it's quite a nice scene - and a good reason to go walkies once in a while. I'll have to remember to take a proper camera though ...


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11 Replies

  • Thanks, it is a nice photo. I would also go for a walk in such an enviroment if it was near me!

    How long does it take to 9 miles? Do the 9 miles include the return trip?

    Enjoy the walking and views.

  • It's about 9 miles 1 way. I try to get home on the bus, but that stopped yesterday when scheduled services weren't running so I had to pay for a taxi. Next time I'll go into town on the bus and walk home. As the walk into town is generally south-east reversing it will solve the low-winter-sun-in-eyes problem.

    It's actually only 5.6 miles as the Google-bird flies but on the ground, and adding in accidental detours, it ends up being about 9. There's a forest on the route that has a lot of misleading paths so I try to head in the right general direction, then check and correct at each junction. Because there's so many paths it's almost impossible to know exactly where you are. Few of the junctions have finger posts or footpath/bridleway markers. Ordnance Survey have an app that gives you the OS map reference of your location so, next time, I'll take a list of waypoints and try to minimise the accidental detours and improve my knowledge of the forest.

    Yesterday I set out at 08:00 and was in town having lunch by 13:00. Okeford Hill is near the start of the walk and is steep. In Dorset it almost qualifies as a mountain. It takes me almost an hour to reach the top. There's always a good excuse to stop to enjoy the view. Last time I stopped to watch a hawk hunting for about 20 minutes. Most of the time taken is on bridleways in Blandford Forest which, this being a horsey area, are very muddy at the moment so slow walkers down a lot. There's also an awkward scramble out of a tree-lined valley. Yesterday it was covered in wet leaves so it was a bit of a challenge to make sure I only had to climb it once. Surprisingly it is a footpath marked on the OS map. It's just fallen into disrepair.

  • Stunning scenery! I'm a country girl living in the town now - my nice walks are just parks. I must fling some working shoes into the car and get out for some proper walks I really must

  • I grew up in a small town, then moved into some of the biggest cities in the world, driving a desk and not having much leisure time. Then I moved into a small village and realised how much I had missed having the countryside so easily accessible. I don't think I could ever move back into an urban lifestyle again.

    I don't think I could ever run though (had a quick look at your profile). Except to get out of a field with an angry bull in it ...

    As you've been running for quite a while now a walk in the country should, for you, be a walk in the park. :-)

  • Almost every non-runner you meet says they 'couldn't run' if they tried.

    That's the beauty of the C25K programme it takes complete novices (or like me returners after 20 year breaks ) from the 'couch' to 30 minutes of running through a 9 week gentle programme. I'm covering 4 miles comfortably now at a snails pace but I am 50, overweight and arthritic :-)

  • Stunning picture, how beautiful it is there....not sure if I could manage the 9 miles though!!!

  • I started walking again about 6 months ago after a gap which lasted about 30 years. I struggled to cope with just a few miles. I'm still not back to the distances and times I used to manage, and don't suppose I ever will be. Still, as long as it keeps me fit into old age that's all I ask.

  • Wonderful photo, thanks for posting. Walking in such a beautiful place must be good for body and mind.

  • Sigh.... i love Dorset. Must return soon.

  • What a guy you are. I wish I could just walk round shops without feeling pain

  • Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.

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