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Shutting up shop for Christmas!

Hi it's been a celebratory time with my husband reaching a milestone birthday, a weekend away and the obvious xmas dos but I am pleased to say I am lighter than I have been all year. Realistically I know it will continue to be a difficult time to keep up with the diet so now feel it's time to relax abit and start fresh on January 5th starting on week 1 of 12 week plan again. I am hoping not to pile on the weight in the next few weeks so my husband has bought me a lovely pair of wellies so me and my dog can go walking lots. I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and hope you can all cope too with the festive time, having a little of what you fancy too . Will weigh in on January 5th to relay the damage! Yikes...!

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Lol, I am thinking the same things. I have only lost 4 pounds to start with and I think a week of Christmas festivities will neutralise all my efforts. Happy Christmas!

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It's very tricky. Good luck and Happy Christmas!


I plan to keep on track, gaind a few pounds, ( I originally lost nearly 2 stone, 2 1/2 yrs back) now gained about 1/2 stone, a planned time will be had, live on my own, going to a friends for lunch, hate Christmas pud, so a couple of GU puds will see me through christmas and Boxing Day.

Back to reality and normality on the 27th, my downfall has been my sweet tooth, over indulging. And a major lifestyle change that lead me to gain 4 lbs, after about a year.


Good luck. I am hoping not to indulge too and to keep an eye on things. My downfall is alchohol! Oh well, happy Christmas.


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