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Please help!!!


I have just joined this group, in jan 013 i worked really hard, eating healthy going to the gym 4times a week for a 1hr and lost 1st and half. Now you may say dats gud but that was not my goal. From june this year i stopped everything as i wasn't loosing weight, now i can control my eating, the weight is coming back and i am starting to feel depressed about it so i over eat!!! I have some health concerns which would need me to have less weight but i hv no willpower anymore! I keep saying i will be FAT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!! HELP PLEASE

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It's not a sprint it's a marathon! You need to focus on long term goals, and maybe step away from the scales and measure yourself instead?

Don't think of it as a diet, it's better to think of it all as a change in lifestyle, so make sure that you find ways to enjoy what you are doing. Take some classes at the gym, see if you like any of those, try couch to 5k - NHS running plan.

The most important way to think is to plan ahead, and realise that sometimes you will lose fat and gain muscle, so you might not weigh less, but your body is doing good things!!

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Thank you for these words, i tend to think in dieting rather than healthy eating. But i must sort my mental state to be able to change that mentality, it will take time but i am glad i found this site as i can get people like yourself to motivate me!!! Thank you


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