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How much to eat!!!


I have a history of having Graves desease, which has resulted in me having my thyroid removed. I have been told by my endocrinologist to not have refined sugar or processed food of any kind, this is hard.

My concern is I find myself eating not many calories because of the above limitation. I eat something like 1300 calories each day. If I eat more that that i tend to gain weight.

I'm a 63 year old male, who is trying to maintain a healthy weight of 66kg, at the moment 72kg.

Many thanks in advance.



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Hi Petekane

Perhaps have a look at The Mediterranean diet, but leave out the pizza and pasta. I don't eat processed foods or sugar either, and have to avoid all gluten. I eat protein with every meal, and a lot of different veg. I don't count calories, but just watch portion sizes.



As you have no thyroid gland, are you taking levothyroxine as a replacement?


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