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want to see the 11's again but finding it so hard

I am brilliant at maintaining weight, not so good at loosing it. I keep managing to loose a few pounds but they always creep back on. sometimes overnight and I don't always understand. Either way I'm currently stuck at 12 st 3. I keep getting down to 12.1 but 12 just seems to be a hump I cant quite get over. I think if I did it I'd have more determination to stay under it but I just cant keep up the calorie counting for long enough. Busy lifestyle makes it tricky sometimes. :/ Im fed up of feeling frumpy but I think I need a bit more of a motivational push. Any ideas where I can find some. My boyfriend is no help as he lost 3 stone and said its easy youve just got to be strict and want it enough youre just not there yet. :( he doesnt understand. Certain times of the month can be tricky for us ladies and a bit of sugar is sometimes a necessity. Maybe I dont understand moderation amounts properly. :/

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Maybe simplify your approach? A friend of mine went to the GP to ask abour weight loss. He told her to stop eating between meals and to make sure she did some form of movement (Walking, exercise bike, DVD, etc. - doesn't have to be running!) 5 days a week. She's lost 7 stone. i was inspired to copy her. I've done the eating between meals bit and mostly given up sugar and alcohol during the week. Struggling in the winter with the exercise, but I've still lost half a stone in about 6weeks. And I know it would be faster if I moved more. Listen to Tony Robbins talk about exercise. It's very inspiring.


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