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The real test

For the last 6 weeks my partner has been doing most of the cooking and cleaning for me as I work and hes signed off sick. Now hes gone away for a week so the real test will begin to see whether I can do it alone. Working full time (12 hour shifts) housework, cooking and exercise as well as getting everything ready for xmas alone. Started off well by getting some low cal ready meals so when I finish late and im tired im not tempted to grab takeaway which is exactly what I would normally do. So thats a start. Its already gone 8 and I havent started dinner or done any exercise, but I did the food shopping, washed and hung up 3 loads of laundry and the washing up he lovingly left for me from the last week lol.

So next is cook dinner then some weights while I watch tv, then a 12 hour shift tomorrow.

I know many people do this alone but this will be the first time ive been alone in years as well as while dieting so should be interesting.

hope you are all doing well :-)

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Hi Well done to you I have had a really bad and distressing week and nibbling. Being at home off sick does not help, but if I don't put on or at least lose a 1 pound, I will be ok. A solicitor rang me today to see things progression, but not at their stage yet, but they said I was doing things right, telling the truth, following the rules, writing my diary. But if you have got to 8 at night, well done mate, well done.



Sorry to hear its still rough for you, but it's good to hear your doing all the right things. Stay strong and keep up the good work. You did great last week. You can do it again. Try doing something to keep your hands busy like a hobbie it will help you to avoid nibbling as much.


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