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Anyone else get depressed whilst on a diet?

Hiya, I am currently 3 weeks in to trying to eat healthy for the 20th time probably. But eventually after a few weeks I get depressed, I get sad, mopey, want to stay in the house, never leave, curl up in bed. Want to cry. And all my head is telling me is if u went to the shop and bought some biscuits or cake, I would be myself again. Of course I would hate myself for giving in but I would be happy again.

Anyone else get this way and any tips on how to get through it?

Sinead xoxo

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I feel like this sometimes when I'm on a diet and it makes me realise that food, and the feeling of being full, are a substitute for feeling fulfilled and happy in other ways. When I first start dieting I feel sad and empty and I realise that is why I eat too much. Especially in the winter. I think realising this is helpful, because you can look at your life and think about what is fulfilling, focus on the positives and/or make some changes. Exercise certainly helps because it lifts your mood, and being in a group or being with a diet buddy helps a lot. Don't be too hard on yourself, I gave myself a 'free' day from time to time, when I ate whatever I wanted. Though I kept it in my head it was just one day!

Make sure you are getting the nutrients you need and feeding your body with good food, rather than starving it. Lots of vegetables really help because it seems as though you're eating a lot! Good luck, keep going but have a bit of fun too.


I agree with the previous post: give yourself a weekly treat so you have something to look forward to.

Fish oil supplements are said to help with feeling low.

I have replaced sweets with fruit and focus on the sweetness and/or the crunchiness e.g when eating an apple. So try 'fooling' your mind and body with a healthy substitute of your unhealthy favourite.

And try to do lots of the things you love, to console yourself, whether watching movies, reading, socialising, shopping, whatever. Things that will get you out of the house are especially good to take the focus off yourself and your situation of not being able to eat what and when you want freely.

Most importantly: remember that it will all be worth it in the end despite the feeling of being deprived! Rather deprived of cake than of a slim figure!


Why not try the 5:2 Diet where you only 'diet' two non-consecutive days a week so you don't feel deprived. This little video explains it very well

I lost three stone in six months - the average is half a stone a month - and it's free to do too.

I kept track of calories using the MyFitnessPal app which was very motivating.



You would not be 'happy again'. Or rather, you might be happy for the mini-moment the cake was in your mouth, but once it was swallowed you would be back to being depressed. Cake does not solve any of the problems that are making you feel sad.


I suffer with depression anyway, but from reading jillian michaels winning by losing I would say we all have those moments where comfort eating is appealing but we feel worse afterwards. Maybe try work out the emotions behind why u are eating. I went through talking therapies a while back and it helped me wonders,

I find I used to be overly negative towards myself, and everyday I keep going I tell myself how well im doing. I dont deprive myself I still have takeaway and chocolate I just eat it within my calorie limit and im still losing weight.

the hardest thing to remember is that you are stronger than you think and you're not alone

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Make sure you have not cut your calories or changed what you eat too drastically. Eating foods that have Vitamin B, like fish, eggs, red meat and dairy, may help you to combat the depression.

As Fibron has said, getting to the cause of your comfort eating may help you to get over it. I find that getting outside in the fresh air always helps to lift my emotions.

Good luck Ythansgirls.


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