Flagging on first 500 calorie day, 5:2?

I'm half way through my first 500 calorie day on the 5:2 diet and am absolutely flagging.

I really love the idea of it and I think it's something I can stick to. Have you guys got any tips or snacks/meals to share? I had two bits of wholemeal toast for breakfast with marmite and am going to have a low fat yoghurt for lunch, plus 4 fish fingers for dinner. Am drinking lots of water. I feel very light headed. By now I've normally had a cheese toastie for breakfast, a mocha and a special k bar. Am I eating the wrong things or is today just hard because it's my first one?


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20 Replies

  • I find it easier not to think about food on my 500 cal day by planning to eat half a tub of Aldi soup for lunch and the rest for tea, 30 g of porridge with water for breakfast and cups of tea when I feel like it, which adds up to 500. I can stick with it because I know I don't have to do it tomorrow! Hang on in there!

  • Thank you! It got a lot easier towards the evening and I felt totally fine once I'd had dinner and a 10 calorie pot of jelly! I'm sure it will get easier as I go on! X

  • Well done you! When you start to see results, and you will do quite soon on the 5:2, you will find it even easier! I have lost 5lb already after 3 weeks on 5:2.

  • That's amazing. I would be very happy with 1-2 pounds a week. Feel amazing today and haven't needed as much as I usually do to feel full! So glad I joined this site, it's lovely having feedback/help and hearing others success! X

  • It's great isn't it, always knowing there is someone there to share your success and commiserate when it's not going so well. Good luck! x

  • Keep going, your doing great!!! Only got a few hours to go!! Why not enjoy a bath, relax & take your mind of it!! My only comment is your not eating a lot, I know it's only 500cal but when I've done it in the past I've had egg for breakfast, soup / salad for lunch and or dinner!!! Eat a lot of salad on your next 500 day, no dressing or mayo just salad, you'll soon feel full!! Good Luck, just think of tomorrow & I'll message you Monday for weigh-in xx

  • Thanks! Definitely need to start having soup and a lot more salad/veg. Was a bit rushed so I hadn't planned it and just used the food that was in the house already! Feel really good today and going to stick at it :-) Monday weigh in, yes! I should be buying scales this weekend :-S haha! Hope your week is going well so far xx

  • I stopped eating breakfast when I started 5:2 as when I eat anything it wakens the 'hunger monster'. The mistake you made was eating carbohydrates for breakfast as they always make you hungrier so maybe just have an egg and some ham? I've just found this little video

    that might help.

    It does get easier and easier and you'll look forward to your fasting days - really!

    On my fasting days now I don't eat until about 5pm when I have my evening meal. Before then I just have drinks, maybe a stock cube 'soup' for lunch.

  • Thank you! Really appreciate the help. Will watch the video when I get home from work :-) am feeling ten times better today and feel full after eating half my lunch so that's something! Egg and ham is a breakfast I would actually really enjoy and had no idea about the carbs making me hungrier! Will sort that out for my fast day tomorrow :-) xx

  • How do you exercise on your low-cal days? Or do you just skip exercise those days?

    I agree with the post that says the carbs-only breakfast makes it worse.

    Try 2 hard-boiled egg-whites with a handful of rocket and a few cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber, a few strips of capsicum, etc. for breakfast. That will provide protein and fibre, for say, 70 calories

  • I don't exercise on my fast days but I do 30 mins on the cross trainer on the 5 normal days. The 'bonus' of fast days for me is getting home and knowing I don't have to do the cross trainer :-P

    Thanks for the tips, much appreciated :-) xx

  • I always run on my fasting days and find, apart from it making me feel lighter, it keeps me busy and away from the fridge! Most people on 5:2 exercise on their fasting days too with no ill-effects.

  • Thank you Gingernut49, I was wondering whether one would have enough energy to run quite a few kilometers (like I do), or lift heavy weights (also part of my exercise program), or if you would find you just don't have any 'oomph' due to no fuel.

    Usually exercise specialists are very particular about getting the right ratio of carbs to protein, or a certain minimum level of nutrition and calories, etc.

  • It would depend on how many ks you do. I run to the cinema three miles away, watch a film and run home and I don't eat anything until the evening. Never any ill-effects but I wouldn't run a half marathon without some fuel. I don't know about weight training as I've never done it but a friend on the 5:2 for Life and Health Facebook group fasts and trains.

  • I run between 11 and 12 km (say 7 miles). On alternative days I do interval training (sprints or jog uphill) and weight lifting.

  • I've just read this article which is interesting washingtonpost.com/national...

  • On my second fast day now and I must say I feel so much better! By this time on my first fast day I was headachey and felt like I was starving, but today I feel really energetic and not hungry at all! Changed my breakfast to eggs & ham and it made a huge difference, thanks guys.

    This is the easiest 'diet' I've ever done, just hoping I see results on Monday's weigh in. If I do, I think this will change my life!

  • It will change your life!

  • Hi Dreadydep

    I am starting the 5:2 diet fast days tomorrow and am watching your posts with interest, good luck and keep posting!

  • Hey :)

    Have lost 3 pounds in two weeks doing the 5:2 diet (with no exercise). Intending to add some in this week though :-) good luck to you. X

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