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Fun, fat and the festive season

Another weigh-in. Another 2lb of fat gone that I hope I will never have to see again. 35.5lbs gone now. I am now a stone from goal and it's going to be a tough one... I haven't just got Christmas to deal with but overseas family coming home for the Christmas period (lots of family get togethers) AND my first grandchild is due within the next two weeks, so a bit of stress and then again more celebrations.

One day at a time...

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First of all well done on your successes. You've done really well :-)

Definitely take each day at a time thats what I plan on doing this Christmas and lots of healthy snacks to help avoid temptation, having a normal Christmas dinner just bigger portions of the veg lol and maybe increase exercise so I can enjoy some yummy chocolate :-)

sure you will do great.

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Thanks Fibronfedup,

Am off to the gym and swimming pool for couple of hours this morning (1of my twice a week visits) then I will be planning the next few days meals. I find forward planning really helps too.

Good luck this week.


Very well done on your weight loss. I have also lost 38lb since July. It does take hard work and dedication and I feel a certain few people on here want instant fixes. It just doesn't work like that. You have to work at it and not reach for all the wrong foods. Simple answer. EAT LESS MOVE MORE



Hi christine58,

38lbs! Thats brill, well done.

It took me years of dieting on both regular and fad diets to realise the quick fix dietNEVER works because you quickly revert to old habits. A lifestyle change is the only way and thankfully its the message being promoted more often than not in the media these days... Time will tell whether the obesity crisis can be reversed. I certainly agree with 'moving more' too - my increased fitness meant the doctor took me off bp meds months ago, so exercise doesnt just burn off fat it improves health too.

Keep up the hard work and good luck this week



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