Holidays are all about the food

Holidays are all about the food

We all, know no matter where we go this holiday season, there is going to be a ton of delicious food. It's as if they call to us as soon as we get there. How many of us diet then stop then start then stop, it's soooo frustrating. Portion control does seem to help, I tend to try everything in really small portions so I don't feel deprived. I'll also do the same with desert, I call them sampler dishes lol. I started do the portion control thing and would walk a half hour a day, I hate calorie counting and weighing food so portion control worked best for me. My only vice is Diet Pepsi, I drink it all the time, although at times there is a thirst that only water can satisfy, usually after a walk. In a few weeks I lost 30lbs and things started to feel better, like my back, neck and feet. Clothes started to fit a little better and I had more energy. My doctor of 12 years was very excited to see the weight loss. I never used the word DIET around anyone, I would just say I'm eating healthy. I always feel that if I say I'm dieting people tend to convince me not to and would tell to enjoy yourself, usually those people never had a weight problem in their entire life. This is not the end of a yoyo weight issue stay tuned for more. James


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2 Replies

  • I'm being very strict with food over Christmas. Just roast beef, boiled new potatoes, plenty of veg, and gravy for both Christmas Day and Boxing Day, will have beef wholemeal bread sandwiches and salad (lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, red cabbage etc) for teatime if still hungry, and a tunis cake (which I may or may not have a slice of as a treat). There may also be a Christmas pudding but not sure if I'll have any. Tea and coffee with skimmed milk, and water to drink. And that's it. If a special meal is required for Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, then it will be what I have for Sunday lunch - steak, boiled new potatoes, veg, and gravy. I'm hoping this won't undo all the good work.

  • Well done, that is great. You are starting the new year on a good note.

    I agree about portion control. It teaches the mind too that small is enough: that visual/brain connect is important.

    Calorie counting can be a fickle thing; I think it is hard to be totally accurate. So many factors can influence the calorie count.

    Portion control is actually more 'reliable' to me. Having said that, it is important to know which food is high in calories, so one can tread carefully with them and make sure the portion is really small.

    Similarly, it is good to know which food is low in calories, so that you can eat a fair amount, e.g. lettuce: no need to stick to half a cup of that!

    Besides, I like to do things in a way that I can continue for life. I can't see myself weighing morsels and counting every calorie until the end of my days. I can see myself doing that with controlling portions though.

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