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Sane diet

I've recently (for a few weeks) been doing Jonathan Bailor's Sane Diet. He wrote The Calorie Myth which is very eye opening about why calorie counting isn't a way to successfully lose weight long term. I got 5 weeks into dieting the conventional eat less -exercise-more method but I couldn't continue as I was so sleep deprived with my small child that I just couldn't also do something as hard as be hungry and do daily exercise. That just made me feel terrible. On the Sane diet I eat more and exercise less. Lots of protein and fats that have given me loads of energy, even though I'm still sleep deprived. And just 20 mins of high intensity exercise a week! And I've been losing weight and trimming up and thoroughly enjoying my food. I highly recommend Googling him. He's got podcasts on Youtube.

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We have been conditioned into thinking that we have to cut calories and be hungry to lose weight. It certainly doesn't work for me either!

It's good to know that you have found a way that works for you. I think that it would work for a great many other people too, but unfortunately is still regarded with suspicion.


Sounds interesting will have a look later thanks


Thanks so much for that, have just had a quick look and it had reminded me that a calorie is not a calorie. Had reminded me that where the calories are from is very important.


Exactly. I am working my way through the book. Fascinated to learn that for instance we only are left with a third of the calories from protein after it has been processed by our body. Whereas we are left with a much larger chunk of calories in our system from starchy carbohydrates. And that's then free to go to our fat cells. Yay!


Thanks for sharing. His ideas look quite good and sane indeed.

I eat more or less along those lines, apart from the seeds and nuts. And I eat way too much fruit and yoghurt , and my portions are too big in general. E.g. I see he recommends 5 cherry tomatoes as a portion. I eat about double that at a time!

Clearly I need to cut down a lot.


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