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anorexic to overweight

hi there ,

i ust to be very thin , i weighed 5 stone at the age of 17 - 19 , i did have some eating problems that i have no more .

I am struggling at the moment as i have put on weight and it is a touchy subject to me , i currently weigh 11 stone and i am a height of 5,6 .

I wish to loose a stone and just hoping for some suggestions to do so . Also maybe some advice .

I hate the way i look and it does get me down and i do suffer from depression and i dont want to worry about it too much . I also know my boyfriend prefered me when i was skinnier although he says he loves me the way i am he says things that he dosent realise at times .

please help , francesca

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Hi Franki

Perhaps have a look at the 12 week plan on the NHS site. Concentrate on healthy eating, not too much fast food or soda.

Men can often say things and not realise that they are upsetting. Try not to worry about it, but if you need to, tell him that it's upsetting you.

Good luck.


It's good that you are so self aware, Francesca! You know what makes you anxious and how careful you need to be to stay positive, well done. It can be tricky to think about losing weight and to stay positive and keep things in perspective. What works for me is to concentrate on eating more healthy things- so add lots of extra vegetables, swap any sugary drinks for water, eat more fish etc. This tends to mean we eat less of other high carb/fat foods. Try out recipes so you make more from fresh and eat lees from packets. I always concentrate on the foods I am going to have, rather than the ones I am going to avoid! Think about getting healthier, rather than losing weight.

Good luck!


Thank you for your help. I dont have anyone to talk about it really as people know its a touchy subject.

Its hard at the moment as the only way I onow how to loose weight is the unhealthy way and what I ust to do in the past. I cant honestly imagine eating healthy to loose weight the only way that seems gratifying in my head is to cut carbs, and think not to eat your not goos enough for that. So I stop dieting and in my head im going crazy so I just go back to normal.

It hard to know what to do, as I do need to loose weight but I cant as I go pyscho about it.


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