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Hello everyone, it's my first time on here. My BMI results are scary and something drastic needs to be done. I apparently need to loose 9 stone to get to my ideal weight :( going to make a start with some regular exercise and look to see what I can do about my eating habits, I'm a long-term late night eater. Hope I can find inspiration on here, hopefully next time I write in here it'll be encouraging news.

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I wish you good luck, keep going

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Good luck, wish you all the best

I know how your feeling I started needing to 9 stone, im just over a stone down so it can be done I assure you :-)

I finish work late so normally eat late night so completely understand. Stay strong :-)


That's more than doable Franco, try not to focus too much on end goals or targets, instead change your eating habits for rest of your life, the rest will then follow.

Good Luck with it.


Hi Franco, I'm new on here too, I've been filling up on veg whenever I feel like I want to eat chocolate and cakes, not quite the same but it fills the gap. good luck, keep at it, we'll get there!


Cheers guys, it's going to be tough be I'm confident I'll get through it! Will let you know how I get on :)


hello dont be scared , just take one day at a time and never give in if you have a bad day put it behind you and try again, i had 8st to lose i now have 6st its be bloody hard and yes i slip sometimes but im going to do it this time i exercise at least 2 days a week for an hour , if you cant join a gym walking is amazing, start small and you will soon find you can do more , its hard for me as i have an underactive thyroid , but im only 5ft and i started at 17st, im now 15st long way to go but nearer than i was . good luck you can do it xx


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