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Been going to this group now for over four years. Thought I would loose the weight I put on after giving up alcohol 5 years ago. First it came off but just lately I've shot up in weight. I have been following the plan but basically it's a plan for a healthy lifestyle. I now weigh more than I did when I first started. My downfall is the 9pm watching TV time. I have a mug of hot milk plus a few biscuits. Shouldn't eat the biscuits really.

Just lately began The Couch to 5k it's an app on my I phone an NHS guided one. You walk & run. It's very good. I thought this would help me to shift some of the weight but it just won't budge. I'm 60 next year feeling bit glum about the fatter person I've become. I don't dwell on it but more clothes aren't fitting me like they used too.

Can anyone make any suggestions.

I am a very healthy person I eat healthy etc.,

Any healthy suggestions would be appreciated....


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  • Have you tried having skimmed milk. I have a cup of hot milk but its skimmed. I very rarely drink alcohol, but agree having one biscuit ensures I will another. Best not to have them in house and crisps too, but we are all human, I think!. I am 54 and just started on Monday, joined up with a buddy to weigh in and measurements, so hopefully this will help. Too much exercise can sometimes not work, but little and often does. If you too would like to be a buddy send me a message.

  • Thank you Celet I have only ever drunk skimmed milk. The biscuits are part of the family meaning if I have visitors round etc ... I don't alcohol anymore not for over 5 years. The weight has gone on in that 5 year period 2 stone to be exact. I do couch to 5k alternate days. I also walk our dog.

    My food is all healthy food. I'm at a loss as what to do.

    Yes I would like a buddy thank you Celet .... X

  • 1. If you're heavier now than you were when you started Slimming World I'd give that up for a start, completely pointless.

    2. You eat too much, stop eating so much.

    3. Q.E.D.

  • What is Q. E D.?

  • quod erat demonstrandum, "which had to be demonstrated", it's used to say that's the end of the conversation, that you've given the definitive answer.

  • Oh, thanks. Some use the Internet slang term QED which means 'quite easily done', so I wasn't sure if you were saying eating less is quite easily done!

  • I've never heard Q.E.D used in that way before, maybe it's Australian internet slang?! lol

    Losing weight isn't easy that's for sure, but the principles are.

  • I'm a bit older than you, and find that I need to avoid starchy/sugary foods, to lose weight and to keep it off. I don't know what Slimming World recommend, but if it's not working you need to try something else. The old fashioned way was to cut down on bread, cereal, potatoes and biscuits. Find a balance between how much exercise you do and how many carbs you need. I find it works well.

    The exercise will help you stay healthy, but you need to sort out what you eat in order to lose weight. Perhaps do some research, have a look at Low Carb eating. Good luck.

  • Hi Elizabeth16, I've just started on here, and I run too, I've found that if I have a run during the day I sort-of "let myself off" being strict with calories, and the odd slice of cake, flapjack or bowl of cereals extra that I feel I've "deserved" really makes itself known on my stomach and hips! I'm having to stop eating these extra calories if I want the weight to come off - which is hard when I've done a 10 mile run, which equals 1000 calories! running makes you feel great, and definitely tones up your body, but it doesn't make any difference to the fat! (walking briskly is a better way but I'd rather run!) Also, age goes against you - I'm 57 and I've noticed how hard it is to get the weight off for a number of years now :(

  • I agree with EPDgirl, too much exercise can tell your body is starving and it stores up fat, but is also good for you, so getting the balance is best.

  • I agree with Penel, what you eat controls your weight and you need to get that right over everything else. If you have to exercise to lose or maintain a weight loss then your diet is wrong. Exercise is great for health and you'll reap huge benefits from it but just try to put into a separate box, disassociate it with weight loss, hard to do I know as we've all been conditioned into the notion of eating less, moving more is the way to go and that we are all Fat because we are lazy sods.

    Once again as Penel said try cutting back on carbohydrates to see if that helps, don't be too strict at first, just try cutting out all processed sugar, including if you can bread and flour products. If that leaves a void try filling it with things like eggs, avocado, few nuts (not peanuts) maybe some cheese, the fats and protein should stop you feeling hungry.

    The other thing I would try (as you mentioned drinking a glass of milk in the evening) is maybe have few weeks without Dairy. Dairy, especially milk can in some people cause weight gain due to elevated insulin levels, which can become more noticeable as you get older if you inturn start to become more insulin resistant. It would be quite easy to rule it in or out.

    Good Luck.

  • I also gained nearly 2 stone in my late fifties! I didnt address it until I was 61 and one day I bought new scales and forced myself to weigh for the first time in 5years. The shock was enough to do something about it, not a diet but a better way of controlling what I eat and walking more. I have used the app 'myfitnesspal' to record my calories every day. I do not ban any particular food, but .I eat more veg than before, only small amount of cake or biscuits each week (if Im out or with guests) and still have wine 2-3 times a week. The difference is that I log everything and keep to 1300 calories a day. I also walk rather than drive short distances, approx 40-50minutes 4 times a week.

    The loss has been slow but steady, 23lbs lost since May, and just 5lbs to go to my 9st 13lb target! Myfitnesspal has been my saviour.

  • Whilst I didn't find lardarse1's comment very supportive they are probably right in one area. Portion control...

    I've been overweight to varying degrees all my life and constantly trying one or another diet. It's slowed my metabolism down and now at 50 I'm lucky to lose 1lb a week.

    I'm a healthy cook too - but I've learned a lot. I used to eat pasta. Healthy right? Well it's 300 calories for a small plate with no sauce. But it's considered healthy. It's wheat water egg and oil when broken down - healthier than chips I guess.

    I only started losing weight when I cut out snacks completely. No mid morning fruit or mid afternoon healthy cereal bar. I can go 4 -5 hours between meals without snacking. Hunger pangs go away after 5 minutes or a cuppa will settle them.

    Meals now are rice and veg, baked fish or meat and veg or healthy one pot soups and chilli's etc... Sounds boring maybe but it's a healthy way to live.

    My 'love of cake' is limited to going out for a cake and coffee now. At first I stopped buying it for the household. Now I can resist it because I'd sooner be happy and I wasn't happy when I was over weight

    I'm still working towards my goal but I'm getting there and smaller portions were the real key to success.

    I also run - I did C25K last year - it's great exercise but you don't see much weight loss until you start running 5K - you do tone up though very quickly so stick with it.

    Just one more thing about SW - the unlimited 'free foods'... There's an addition to the wording there now that not all leaders are using. It's 'unlimited but only until you're comfortably full'. If you're a large eater, no matter how healthy the food, it's only got one place to go if you're not burning it off. Fat stores.

    None of this may be your situation but I always said I was a healthy eater too so it rang a bell with me. I was definitely eating 'too much'

    Good luck with your journey

  • C25K is great for toning and for keeping weight off but as the others have said, calorie intake is the key to weight loss.

    I am nearly 60 and lost 22lb last year by using the 12 week plan by counting calories and planning all my meals. I still want to lose a little more and am trying to cut carbs to do it. I have discovered a great substitute for mashed potato - mashed cauliflower. Because it looks similar I think it works psychologically.

    Good luck with whatever you try.

  • have you tried Cauliflower Rice? It's also a great low carb alternative to rice, I just blitz cauliflower in a food processor to the consistency of rice then bag it into portions and freeze, then when I need it I just steam or microwave it a little, then fry it off in some butter with a little onion, cinnamon and cumin seeds (if I want it exotic) and then sometimes I add peas.

  • What a clever idea!

  • sounds good

  • If you want a substitute for spaghetti, try 'ribbons' of vegetables. I make ribbons of courgette, which can be steamed or cooked in butter.

  • I was 60 this year and in January when all my clothes were getting tight I set about doing something. Having recently retired I wasn't getting enough exercise. So far I've lost 3 St. The only thing that works for me is discipline...... I recorded all my foods for the first 3 months, then I found I didn't need to. I cut out all snacks, except for fruit and I eat crispbreads instead of bread. I try to average my calories out over a week so that allows me to eat normally if we go out. I also allow myself some wine. I also cut out cheese, of which I eat far too much! Now I keep a lump of Edam or feta in the fridge and it lasts for ages.

    I joined a ladies fitness centre "curves" which suits me fine, I go 3 times a week and also go to a Pilates class and swim.

    I am happier now than I've been for years and feel much fitter, I'm not ashamed to meet old friends I haven't seen in a while, which is the way I was feeling. I'm telling you my story so you know it can be done. My mantra, take it slow, don't give up and it will happen.

  • Its calories in v calories out. You must be eating more calories than you need. If you are eating healthily as you say, though I don't count biscuits as healthy, you need to start weighing your food and counting the calories you are consuming.

    I'm 61 and am in the middle of my healthy weight range. I don't believe that being older is to blame for gaining weight or losing weight. Weight gain is caused by over eating and inactivity.

    Eat less and move more, is the way to a slimmer you. Goodluck.

  • I think you're right when you say it's the evening TV-watching and biscuit-eating! Evening TV ads do not help. Most of them are about food, especially at present when we're having Christmas food pushed at us.

  • FORGET Slimming World! For me it's all about calorie counting. Find a daily intake amount that's below your BMR amount and eat well and enjoy it knowing you'll lose weight as you go. Porridge has been my real buddy, made with water. I also should be growing carrots as they make the basis for so many meals/top ups! I could share more detail with you if you want. As of today I'm 2st 2lbs down since starting. I'm 58 and have some underlying health issues that are not an excuse for over-eating!

  • Well said - I did slimming world about 10 years ago and was very successful, now I'm 55 and mid menopause my weight has gone up. Started strict calorie counting two weeks ago and have lost 4lb, have another stone to lose, this is the only way for me. I am 5'7 and try to restrict to 1200 a day and I just walk the dog for about 15 minutes a day. Good luck.

  • AW thanks. . . . . you too. Well done so far and hope we both keep it up. Ain't no other way!!! LOL.

  • The fact is, your body settles into what you give it. You give it too many calories, it doesn't complain it just stores them as fat. You give it too few calories, it thinks you're starving and hangs onto as much fat as it can for as long as it can. Over a period of time your body has had to change, because you've fed it, and over-fed it, and starved it, by degrees. It sounds completely bonkers but you might actually need to feed it more in order to persuade it to start burning calories again, especially now you're exercising. I would also really look at your diet again, write everything down and calorie-count it for a week - I bet you'd be shocked, I know I was! I've always considered myself a healthy eater, love veg, all that - but I wasn't taking into account the amount of fat, sugar and carbs I was eating alongside my salad and veg. I mean, who actually eats plain boiled chicken unless they're dieting?! I didn't, my chicken was always eaten with a nice, home-made sauce that was scarily high-calorie when I broke it down...and don't all veggies taste better tossed in a pat of butter or dressed with some nice, healthy olive oil..?

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