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Feeling the strain

Hey all, I treated myself to a set of cast iron weights this week, to help up the resistance of my workouts and I am definitely feeling it, I know working out isnt going to be pain free but first time since I started this 5 weeks ago its starting to hurt.

Im hoping it means im finally pushing my body that little bit further out of my comfort zone, but as much as it hurts im enjoying my work outs (never thought id say that)

hope you are all having a successful week. Ive had a couple naughty chocolate bars this week but stayed within my calories so pleased with myself.

Going to get a good nights sleep before a 12 hour shift at work.

Sorry for the random post lol does anyone else get days wear it just hurts? My partner says im finally starting to use muscles I probably didnt use much before and as long as rest up and listen to my body, im om the right track.

night all

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Do make sure that you are taking things slowly and not overdoing it! Exercises that are new to your body may make you ache, but if you are feeling pain you may have done too much or in the wrong way. One way of deciding if you have done too much is how long it takes to recover.

It's great that you are enjoying exercising. Keep going but take care.


Thank you, im only doing 15mins a night with the weights as I cant handle anymore so going to increase slowly.

My step ups and walking doesnt give me any problems. Probably doesnt help im on overtime this week and on my feet alot at work too.

Thank you I will listen to my body and increase intensity slowly


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