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Week 9

Weight loss: - 0.7kg (-1.54lbs)

Whoop, whoop! Oh yeah! That's more like it. I did it. I did it! Yay!

Can you tell i am happy and prefer results like this one?

To be honest, I ended up giving up a bit last week. I missed a few of the exercise classes and allowed myself a few more treats.

I even gave up waiting for the trousers and got myself a new dress. The dress is two sizes down from my usual and even that didn't perk me up.

It seems I am not one to go by the actual visuals but by the numbers. I might want to watch that trait...

But i am really happy now and since I didn't do anything I cannot sustain to get this result, I really hope it continues with this trend!

Come on week 10!

2 Replies

Well done, your doing really well. We all have bad days but you didnt let it beat so thats great :-)

Keep up the good work


well done


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