5:2 diet seems to work for me!

In June/July I had 95kg on my hips. 1st December, today I had 87,9kg on my hips. We had the promised salmon today for dinner. Tomorrow I will be again with 1400kcal a day, but on two days with 600-800kcal. I am still surprised, but it is working for me. With my constellation I am holding my weight with 1400kcal and don't slim. The two days with the lower amount is helping.... Wishing you all a happy successfull way of doing what you want to acchieve ;-)


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12 Replies

  • Good luck to you too, hope it goes well for you

  • That is great, keep it up if it works for you.

    The 5:2 made me put on weight, as on my non-low days I ate as if there are 7 days of famine ahead.

  • Hi there, well done so far! It is working for me too. The Fitness Pal app said I was only allowed 1200 cal per day and I found it so difficult to stick too as I was hungry. So even if I was just having 1300, the weight would stay put. Now I am on roughly 1450 cal on five days and strictly 500 on fast days, and I had an immediate loss in the first week, and somehow the fast days seem quite easy, I don't seem to feel hungry. The best thing is being able to eat without strict calorie counting on the other days, knowing the weight is still gradually coming off.

  • I have the same impression ;-) !

  • What happens when you have lost the weight on this diet and surely if you need to lose a lot of weight will not the body store fat because it thinks it is going into starvation mode.So the weight lose will slow to a grinding halt and you may well end up carrying more body fat than when you started.I know that the human body is designed for feast and famine,but just wondering what happens when you start feasting again.Will you just be on another yo yo diet again.

  • I think a lot of people when they have reached their target weight on 5:2 maintain by doing 6:1. Read Gingernut 's comments on here. She was very successful on 5:2 and very knowledgable.

  • Thank you :-) !

  • Sounds interesting, what is 5.2 diet?

  • 5:2 is where you fast on two days of the week, you can have 500 cal women and 600 cal men) and on the other days you can forget calorie counting ( although that doesn't mean a blow out, just sensible eating but no worries if you have the odd biscuit or sweet.) Michael Mosely did a very good programme on it in 2013. You could google it. Also on these forums Gingernut is very knowledgeable.

  • Many thanks, never heard of it.

  • It works for me too and the temptation to over eat on non-fast days does go away once you get used to it :-). I've been doing it since July. It's a way of life to me now. It doesn't cause you to go into starvation mode because the two (or more) fast days are no consecutive the 'feast' days trick your body into thinking calories are plentiful. I only count calories on fast days. Non fast I eat what I fancy and have found myself feeling less hungry and enjoying my food more

  • Thank you :-) !

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