Know any tasty low fat recipes?

I am new to this site so maybe there is already a post on this but nevertheless I thought I'd ask you all if you know any quick easy low fat lunches. Last night I felt discouraged thinking will I ever be able to enjoy my food again. I seem to be just thinking about how may calories it all contains and feeling too guilty and stressed about it all. So then I had the thought that what I need is to be able to consume as much as i want of food that doesn't contain much calories. So this was my lunch for today: I sliced up a whole aubergine and microwaved for about 5-6 minutes. I then chopped up some feta cheese and mixed it with some basil leaves. When the aubergine was done I mixed it all together to make a filling tasty lunch. Oh i added a knob of butter too. I am a full time mum to two small boys so it can be challenging being around food all the time. Tomorrow I'm thinking that I will try prawns with a large amount of lettuce and tomatoes. I will of course make make a mayo and ketchup sauce for this but won't go overboard. I would be very grateful if you would now post some of your favorites. Thanks x


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8 Replies

  • Hey it can be difficult at first but once you get the hang of it you'll be fine.

    Veg stir fry is quite good as very low cal and filling. Also ive substituted normal sausages for quorn sausages, they taste great and its 124 cals for two, ive also changed from white bread to the smaller loafs of brown bread or wheat bread usually around 65 cals a slice so can still have a sandwich.

    if im at work I tend to have a jacket potato with tuna mayo with side salad its around 400cals, minds gone blank typically so when I think of some more ill write.

    Stay strong :-)

  • Aw thanks, i really like your ideas. I think I'll try the jacket with tuna and mayo later today and go shopping for the veg stir fry later. Thanks you're a star!

  • Any time I know it was a struggle when I started its all about substituting things to make your fav meals healthier I even had cauliflower cheese by substituting normal milk for coconut milk, thankfully I like salads so that helps. You will get there :-)

  • Thank you! You have influenced me already. I went shopping this morning and bought a load of stir fry stuff. Yesterday hubby had the tuna with baked potato (we are trying to do this together) and I had my prawn salad. I think I will have to switch to salad cream though as I calculated that about 200kcals of my salad went on the mayo! So tonight we are having the veg stir fry (with a bit of meat)! I do like your ideas :-)

  • Thats really kl, I have a mayo weakness too so ive swopped to a light mayo and its about 45 cals per tablespoon but the extra light is even better :-) sounds like a great start! Go you!!!

  • I use the Good Food magazine recipe site, some great recipes

  • Thank you Cindrey, I will have a look!

  • I use the Good Food Maga zine site , some great recipes

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