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Week 5 weigh in

Hey all

did my week 5 weight this morning, and I have lost 5lb :-) and 1.5inches of my waist

Thats a total of 1st2lbs in 5 weeks.

my first goal was 1 stone by Christmas so well ahead of myself. Next goal another stone

I can actually feel the difference now when wearing my clothes, they are starting to hang off me and I can wear trousers that were hidden away because they were too tight. Feels awesome.

hope you are all doing well too :-)

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Oh wow -that's really great, well done you.


Thank you, lots of hard work but totally worth it


Hi there im lookinh for this sort of progress how did you do it

I weight 10,11 and i am 5 foot 6 xx

Any advice im eating 1200 caloried a day



im alot bigger so weight is easier to lose in larger amounts. I simply eat between 1200-1400 cals a day (if you fluctuate it, your metabolism doesnt adjust to it) I do steps between 20-30 mins every other day and ive started doing weights, I also work 12 hour shifts so spend as much time on my feet as possible to stay active.

You need to find what works for you, calorie counting helps me. Are you normally quite active? If so to lose weight you would need to increase exercise on top of you normal routine. I dont think your too far off your ideal weight so your weight loss will probably slower as the smaller you are the harder it is to lose weight.

Try mixing up your exercise rountine as it will stop your body from getting to used to any one thing. Also watch where you calories come from I ate slightly more sweet treats last week and although I was within my calorie limits I still gained a lb, as frustrating as it was I worked out where I went wrong and am working this week to fix it.

Stay focused and im sure you will work out what works for you :-)


Well done, good luck achieving your next goal


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