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Tomorrow never comes

Tomorrow never comes

My heading relates to me and probably many others. I was going to wait until 1st December (tomorrow and a Monday) but as I always seem to wait for a Monday I am changing the way I think.

After a boozy Saturday night again where me and hubby drank and ate too much it starts now. I have just got weighed 13stone 11lbs I'm 5'9 and 61, quite fit, used to run a lot and play badminton. Now I walk more, belong to local walking club and because of no self control last night and having a muzzy head now I have missed a lovely walk with the club today.

My challenge is to stop drinking for a while, get fitter and hopefully with doing this I will lose some lbs. I lost 13lb in the summer and felt fantastic but the old habits came back. I tried to do sober October but only lasted 10 days.

I will pledge my next drink will be on Christmas day. I am going to follow the 12 week plan and report every day like a diary, so you'll probably get bored of reading. I am also going to do the couch to 5k. If anyone out there would like to join with me and pledge to give up something until Christmas or do the 5k plan that would be fabulous.

Good luck everyone, it's not easy but remember don't leave it until tomorrow cos tomorrow never comes.

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Good luck Juneliz! My tomorrow just happened to me 2 years ago, joined Weight watchers with a friend never thought I could stick with it, but 2 years on I'm maintaining my 2st 4lbs loss! I do feel I'm lucky that I don't drink purely cos I don't like the taste :-D but I do enjoy my food and find with WW that I don't have to go without, just have smaller portions of everything. The fact that you enjoy keeping fit you are already on to a winner, here's to your new way of thinking and wishing you Good luck! :-)


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