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Im really worried about my weight loss over the next few weeks, im on a lot of overtime which means less time to exercise. But ive got a game plan so hopefully the weight loss wont be effected too much.

gonna ensure I have healthy snacks to take to work, and going to create an exercise plan for my days off using the jillian michaels book I have which is truly inspirational :-)

stay postive and stay strong :-)

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Sounds like a plan. Good luck with it.


Thank you, lets hope it works :-)


Well with that positive outlook you will definitely succeed :-)


Thank you


Remember... you are in this for the LONG term.. its like with Christmas coming up you can expect occasionally to ' slip off' your ' ideal' but its where you want to be in A YEAR's time not 4 weeks time that counts.. but it sounds like you have a plan.. stick with it.. but dont beat yourself up if you happen to slip




Thanks, sometimes its easier to believe when someone else says it :-) im sticking to the plan so far, and doing ok. Im definitely playing the long game and re-training my brain to be healthier and happier. So far so good.

Thanks again for the support :-)


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