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I'm usless!

I have been on weather restricted calories or slimming world for the past few months and I have gained 2lbs! for the last three weeks I have be religeous about writing everything down (on slomming world) and I am up to week 7 on couch to 5 so have done at least three 20m plus runs now (and other gym work I normally do) and according to my scales I haven't lost even an ounce and my fat has gone up and Muscle down! I absolutely give up! to say I'm not happy is an understatement- I'm now off to do my 25 min run and have a swim in a min, but I can't help but think why am I bothering :(

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There's a nice article containing 10 tips for weight loss. It is filtered from scientific studies done on people who have lost weight doing different types of diets. Check this article.


One of the tips is that you need to calorie count & regularly check weight to lose weight. It is not exercise but restricting food intake that is the key in losing weight. Please use myfitnesspal app to track your intake and calorie count.

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The kind of food you eat is just as important as the calories: not all calories are equal.

I find I need to keep an eye on the amount of carbohydrate I eat, and make sure not to eat too many. I stick to a few high fibre carbs, like sweet potato and lots of different veg.

Make sure you are eating enough good quality protein.

All the exercise you are doing will be improving your health, so don't give up. Have a bit of an experiment with what you eat until you find what works for your body.



Never doubt the benefits of exercise. It may not lead to weight loss (calories are still king, so if you don't eat little enough calories, exercise alone cannot do it) but it essential for a long and healthy life.

Exercise will keep you strong and flexible, with strong bones, muscles and tendons. Not even to mention what it does for your blood pressure, cholesterol, mental state etc. etc.

The lack of weight loss has one cause: too many calories.

Each of us has to figure out how to eat less within our own lifestyles, preferences, responsibilities and so on. Not to overcomplicate it, it basically means eating less! And if you only eat less, but not healthy, you stand the risk of becoming deprived of nutrients, which is counterproductive.

So in a nutshell: keep exercising, but eat less (while eating vegetables, fruit, lean protein, healthy fats, legumes, dairy: all the good stuff). It helps to eat regularly too (no less than 3 times a day).

It is definitely worth the bother: that has been proved by thousands!


Only you know if you have really stuck to the diet. If you have, and as you say, you have gained a couple of pounds, it makes me wonder if you have had your thyroid checked? If you have an under active thyroid no amount of dieting will make you loose weight!

I'm just getting my thyroid Meds sorted out first then I hope I can start to loose the three stone I have gained


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