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Day 3&4 of 84 (12 week plan)

Went away to Bath for a shopping trip with the girls. It was good practise for going back to work in terms of walking. I had a good low calorie breakfast yesterday and then had a nice lunch & vegetarian pizza for dinner, and about half a bottle of rose wine. I had a cooked breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. I had a lovely weekend, and did not count the calories in my food. Just kept in mind what types of food I wanted to eat (i.e veg, salads, not lots of alcohol etc) so am proud that I did not go crazy like I would have previously. My hip behaved itself, especially as I ensured that I kept up to date with my painkillers.

Looking forward to the food I have planned for the week, and hopefully seeing a small loss or a maintain. As long as I dont gain when I weigh, I'll be happy!

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Bath is where I live ! So glad you enjoyed your visit and its true, there is lots to see and its all do-able on foot. I run a small holiday flat 15mins walk from the Abbey and that walk in and out has helped my weight loss journey too! 22 lbs fown in six months . As well as eating 1300 cals of course. Yay, a weekend in Bath could help you lose weight ...lol...


A very sensible and healthy approach to the whole thing. We still have to live, even if trying to drop some weight.


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