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Stopped losing weight

Hi, I have been using myfitnesspal for about 7 weeks and have lost 13lbs but seem to have hit a plateau and can't get past the 13lbs. I still have about 5 stone to lose. I track everything I eat by scanning the bar codes so my calorie intake should be accurate. I March home from work twice a week which is 2.6 miles and my calories intake is 1,300 but has now been adjusted to 1,200 after changing a setting on my MFP profile. I don't know what I am doing wrong :(

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It could just be a plateau, maybe try shaking up your workouts, do something different as your body may of gotten used to what you where doing? Or maybe increase what you are doing, each of us is different and its all about finding what works for you :-)

Wish you all the best, im dreading hitting a plateau as thats what has held me back in the past. You will get there :-)


Hi Tigger

Your body has got used to the amount of calories you are eating. If you reduce calories again, you may risk missing out on essential nutrients. You could try changing what you eat: reduce some of your simple carbs, like cereal and bread, and increase your protein.

Check that you are not eating sugar hidden in low fat foods.

Changing your exercise may help as Fibron has said.

Good luck. Do some research and experimenting. Perhaps have a look at the Mediterranean diet.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, reducing carbs can be very effective.



I might sound crazy but I found when I increased my calories for a couple of days, by about 200 extra, and then went back to my normal intake, I started losing weight again. I think I tricked my body somehow. Might be worth a go??

I hope things work out though either way.


What Koomie says is not crazy. That happened for me too. I have lost 22lbs over six months, slowly but hit a plateau three times. Someone suggested eating more for a couple of days and it worked, by the next week id lost a couple of pounds. Now I am limping down the final 5lbs to my target .... my body is used to my 1300 cals so all I cam do now is be patient. Dont let the odd plateau scare you. If you are truly keeping to 1300 you will lose weight and slowly is good!


Hi, thanks for all the replies :) finally moved some more weight, now I just need to try and keep at that weight through Christmas and New Year and then get stuck back into it.


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