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Cereal Killers the Movie Free for 7 Days

For those that have not seen it and want to, you can watch Cereal Killers the Movie for the next 7 days for free, this is genuine offer, I guess as they are making Cereal Killers 2 they have done it to increase their audience.

For those that have not seen it before or don't know anything about it then it's well worth watching.

100,000 calories, 100 eggs, 70% fat in 28 days. Cereal Killers is the story of one man’s attempt to hack his genes – avoid heart disease and diabetes – and drop dead healthy!


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How interesting- you do come up with some things to watch. Wouldn't be my normal viewing material but prepared to give it ago on the strength of your recommendation. Will post back when viewed!!

On another note - I was quite surprised how much I was interested in supersize me- confirms all my worst expectations - it takes not time at all to gain weight and age to lose.


It's worth watching even if you are not convinced by the ideology behind LCHF. Most of have the ability to more empowered with knowledge these days it's a shame when we don't always use it.

Ultimately we are all responsible for our own health and as much as I have a huge amount of respect with the Health Professionals in this country I have learnt through my own experiences that some of the Policies that govern them are not always correct. It's very easy to opt for the easy option of trusting professional people in all aspects of our lives without question, look at the Banking Crisis, a decade ago who would have thought that well know British Institutes, Household Names would have been caught acting at such a despicable level.

We've been conditioned, indoctrinated to think that eating a certain way is healthy, yet the majority of people are slowly getting sicker and sicker with a whole host of metabolic based diseases and remember Obesity is just a symptom, not the root cause. Who benefits from all this? Certain elements of the Food Industry and perhaps more importantly the "Big Pharmaceutical" companies, to the tune of Trillions of £.

We've been following as a Nation (along with the majority of other western nations) for several decades now a Low Fat lifestyle which ultimately means replacing it with more sugar in our diet; and to add to the confusion that sugar is not always in form of the granulated white stuff more often it's in the form of Wheat Flour Products, Fruit, Potatoes, Rice and even "Healthy" Oats to name just a few. Yet we are getting Fatter, Heart Disease is increasing, Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise exponentially and now we learn that there is real evidence to support that "Sugar" plays a major role in Alzheimer's so much so that it is now being referred to by many as "Type 3 Diabetes". If you want further proof, look at what is happening to countries further a field that have adopted this Western way of eating 10 years ago, like the middle east where there are now children having bariatric surgery. It will be interesting to look at China in a decades time as they are now becoming more and more "Westernised" food wise.

I made huge changes to my lifestyle 4 years ago now and through lots of trials and self experiments that have included at one point running 12 km everyday along with somedays 3 or more additional hours of hard cardio in order to just maintain a weight-loss have eventually lead me to where I am now, which is eating well, exercising for pleasure and health only, and not worrying about my metabolic health which includes weight. It has been a tough learning curve and I am not afraid to admit I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but the most important things is that I learnt from those mistakes.

All I implore everyone to do is to keep learning, keep an open mind and hopefully you will find something that works for you, remember it's your responsibility ultimately to take ownership of your health.


Agree with you 100%. Unfortunately 40 years of the wrong advice may take a very long time to undo, although several NHS specialists are now disagreeing with the official line.

Medical professionals need more training in the role of health and nutrition, as a recent report has stated. The over-emphasis on calorie counting, and the advice to "eat less", are not helpful for many people.

The level of carbs that can be eaten without putting on weight or compromising health seems to vary from person to person, and I agree with you on doing your own research and experimentation.

There is certainly a strong association between Alzheimers and a high carb diet according to recent research.


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As you've said it's going to take a long time to undo, I think we are probably looking at generations rather than decades. The problem is that most General Practitioners have no current up to date knowledge about metabolic health, unless they take an interest in it and to be fair who would expect them to, their time and resources are already stretched to breaking point. A lot of doctors practice medicine the way they were taught as junior doctors. So in order to see change we'll probably have to wait until the teachings change and we start to see the new doctors filters through and the old ones retire.


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