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Poor start!

This is ridiculous! I started three weeks ago with such good intentions, lasted one week (did ok) but weekend came, lost the plot and have been going to start again every day since then. I feel like everyone else on here, fed up with my self and my lack of ability to motivate myself and stick to it. I keep thinking maybe the 5:2 would suit me better, but at the same time doubt myself and my ability to see it through. I'd like to set myself a target of 5:2 till Christmas. Anyone able to give me the right kind of kick up the backside?

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How much weight do you have to loose?

Why do you want to lose it?

What is your goal?

Don't diet, it's a new eating plan

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Hi Prin,

Well done! You say you did it. I have just under a stone to lose. I want to lose it because I feel so heavy round the middle, and frumpy in my clothes with this excess weight! I have done it before. A few times! Each time with a different regime. 20 years ago I lost two stomne with Weight Watchers. I seem to maintain for quite a long while then it goes back on, although I never put the whole two stone back on, only ever one. I lost it all with Tescos online diet about ten years ago, then again with WLR two years ago. Now it has crept ( no galloped) back on since I met and married my lovely husband two years ago! So here goes again - I hope!



Hi Fabfrankie, I myself am fighting with the should and shouldn't... I now stopped drinking cream and eating chocolate but I swapt to other sweets with the goal to stop it altogether one day. But if you are happily determined in the beginning there is always a hickup coming, eg life that doesn't run so smoothly as you would like it... I am eating now more raw carrots to get my self adjusted again to fresh vegetables... I don't know how long I am going to have the stamina, but on my mind is Christmas as well as a shorter goal, I also thought on the 5:2 diet but I have to sneak up on it, because of hunger pangs which destroy altogether what I have achieved in the day...but I will answer it with a drink of milkshake, in the evening or smoothie self made... good luck, we are all fighting our worst enemy the swinehund....


Short goals are good. They are achievable. My goal is Christmas, not for the sake of Christmas itself, just because it's four weeks and therefore should be manageable. Good luck!


Hunger passes and doesn't get worse. If you feel hungry have a drink and go for a walk or keep busy.

Today I shall run two miles to the cinema at lunchtime, watch a film, then run home. I won't eat anything at all until I get back so it'll be after 4pm.

Some have breakfast and then an evening meal: I used to have a bowl of soup for lunch and then an evening meal but now I don't eat much before 4pm.

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Your post says it all. You are failing because you are seeing it as a short term goal to lose weight and then what? You go back to the way you were eating before so the weight goes back on.

Look at it as a way to change your eating and exercise habits permanently.


I lost 22 lb last year following this plan and have kept it off. My tips are to plan all your meals, use smaller plates and don't get too hungry. I eat what I want and don't calorie count when I go out although I naturally eat less now.

You don't mention exercise. I did c25k which is brilliant and continue to exercise at least 3 times a week.

Good luck with this journey.


I couldn't agree more. Going 'on a diet', losing it then going back to former eating patterns is very very common. It really has to be a change otherwise you'll get nowhere.


Hi windswept, thanks for your reply. If you see my response to Prin, you wil see that it has been a lifelong plan for me and I do manage to maintain for long periods, and I have thought I had cracked it. But then for some reason I push the elf destruct button and it all goes out the window! I do walk my dogs for half an hour every day and I belong to a gym and swim twice a week and do Pilates once a week. But I then go home and eat too much. In my head I know all about long term goals and that there are no short term fixes, but it's the kickstart I am struggling with. I know from experience once I get back on the band wagon, I can do it and keep it up for long periods , years even, but it's just that initial start. I think I'll get there!


5:2 is brilliant! I lost three stone in six months on it and now maintain by just 'fasting' (500 calories) one day a week. After I'd lost the first stone I had so much energy that I started the NHS Couch to 5k running programme and I still run three times a week, which of course helps to maintain my weight loss.

If you didn't see the original programme, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" it's here bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b...

This little video will tell you more

And I'd recommend Kate' Harrison's book, "The 5:2 Diet" which is a quick and easy read.

On the various Facebook groups there are so many inspirational stories.

I've never previously used a diet where I didn't pile it all straight back on again - I've been the same weight now, and a size 10 after being a size 16 for too many years, since April 2013!

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Sounds like you've got an inner struggle about the new lifestyle food-wise. Maybe you're not ready to start. You'll know when you are cos nothing will stop you! If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Have a quiet word with yourself in front of the mirror! Naked if you can!

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Sorry G I replied to the wrong post! LOL!!!


I hope the 5:2 works for you. Some have good results, but not me. I am OK on the two low-cal days, but boy, do I make up for it the other five days, when I eat as if the great famine is coming. I tried it one week and gained 0.5 kg.

The only thing that will work for me is routine. I do well on routine, meaning sticking to the same times of eating and types of food eaten.

Let us not give up, that is the main thing.


I'm in the same boat. School work,work,father n law dying with cancer! Life can be distracting. But set a time in your schedule and stick to it. Find a workout buddy. When I walk with someone I love it. I'm a work in progress. Don't be to hard on yourself. Just start over tomorrow!


Keep reminding yourself of your purpose. Notice what your triggers are that lead you astray. Develop strategies for avoiding triggers. Evaluate if this is the best program for you. Everyone's metabolism is different. What worked well for you in the past? Remember you can always begin again. Most of all, be kind to yourself. Go about this as a new adventure and an opportunity to learn about what works best for you. You can.


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