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Week 5 and feeling great!

Hi everyone!

Im half way through week 5 and feel great! Ive lost a total of 12lbs so far!

Just wanted to say to people who are struggling to find motivation to exercise.... it can be done! Im using myfitnesspal and couch to 5k and they are brilliant! Didnt think id be able to run for 2 minutes let alone 20! Im so proud of myself and im proof that it can work!

Keep going everyone, it is possible to do... and you feel great!

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Well done you! I needed to read about some success and that has helped me. Keep up the good work.

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Glad to hear it! Hope this makes you believe in yourself that you can do this! If I can then anyone can!


So, you are losing more than a kilo per week. Congrats! What is your daily calorie limit? What's your BMR? What's your exercise routine? Please share!

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Using the myfitnesspal app suggested i have a calorie intake of 1200.. However depending on how much I exercise I do sometimes go over (not over the calories I' ve burned in exercise though). I try to do the couch to 5k run at least 6 times a week, and once I have done this run I tend to use the cross trainer, rowing machine or the stair treadmill.

However I have not been good with my strength exercises, as Ive always been self-conscious and think Im doing them wrong. But I have youtubed some videos and will be starting them this week too.

I try to go to the gym everyday and have one day off a week but this is usually because I cant get there both days over the weekend.

Hope this helps! Good luck!


Well done thats excellent, im using the same app but wanna lose weight before trying the 5k challenge. Im finishing week 4 its always good to hear success stories :-)


Before starting this 12 week plan I tried just exercising but it made no differnce, so I needed something to make me go to the gym even more. And having this run encourages me to go more as if I miss it too much I know I will struggle with it more. Its like a motivator to go but Im finding I actually enjoy it too! :) Hope its going well for you!!


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