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Struggling :(

I'm a bit stressed. Weight loss still going ok, steady between 1-3lbs per week. The healthy eating is absolutely fine, I'm not struggling. I'm happy counting calories as I feel 'safe' doing that, without cutting out any major food groups. My only problem is the exercise... I started the couch to 5k plan as I thought it would help and it definitely has! but as the weeks have gone on, and the weather has gotten colder, I'm making every excuse under the sun.

I'm a mother of an almost 1 year old and I work 9 hours a day. As soon as I get home I'm too tired, or I've missed my little girl too much so don't want to go out again for my run! getting up early in the mornings is almost impossible too as I have to run a household at the tender age of 22!

I've gone from 13st 7lbs to 12st 2lbs in the last 7 weeks, aided by couch to 5k, but I'm finding it really hard to keep going with it.

Any support and advice would be truly welcome!

Thanks :)

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Is there anything you can do at home, that gets your heart rate up like running. For example, a dance video like Zumba? You can get some free on YouTube.



I am in the same position.

I try doing a walk at lunch time when at work, and being active with my daughter, going to the park, playing aeroplanes its still exercise! But more fun!

Good luck


hi holly, congratulations on what youve achieved so far - you should be super proud! i know how it feels - these colder months and the lack of light make it so difficult to get outside! as becca says perhaps you can do something thats indoors like a youtube video in your living room - perhaps if its some dance workout you can get your child to join in and bust a move with you! i really like fitnessblender videos and also a lot of people rate blogilates! the best of luck xx


Since you have a busy day and a little kid to take care of, you don't need to go out and do your workout plan. Together with your kid you can perform simple workout routines inside your house.

Here are the simple routines you can perform inside your house.

Chair Dips

Chair Squats

Butterfly Abs

Oblique Crunches

Modified Push-Ups

Standing Hip Extension



Hi Holly,

Well doneon what you have achieved so far! Thats brilliant!!

I also started the couch to 5k and I love it! Seems to get me motivated! I also joined a gyn that offers loads of different classes like zumba, yoga and vibe cycle. I havent tried them all yet, however if I go straight from work and not let myself sit down first then im more motivated to do something.

Good luck! Keep working and get iver this hurdle, itll all be worth it!


You're doing so well under rather heavy circumstances so just do what you can on the ex front. Your little girl needs the bit of her mum that the day you have leaves! She'll soon be 22 herself and you don't want to look back and have wished her babyhood away! Keep up the losing!


Sounds like you're doing amazing!! What I normally do is try to do a ten minute workout every day, that's normally all I can fit in but honestly just 10 minutes makes all the difference. I like to follow videos on YouTube, my favourites come from the channel 'xhit daily' all the videos are short but work brilliantly and they are very easy to follow! Hope this helps :)


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