Day 1 of 84 (12 week plan)

Am coming to the end of my final week on leave post-hip operation. I woke up at 6am and helped my husband get ready for work as he started a new job this week. I'm lucky to get to go back to bed - next week things will be different as I shall have to get back into the rhythm of work too. I ended up getting up about 9am and had a 40g bowl of porridge with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk and 2teaspoons of honey.

It was much easier to start the day right having planned what I would eat last night and checking the calories on myfitnesspal.

Am now off to get the car cleaned ready for work next week! I shall update with how the rest of my day goes as I go along


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3 Replies

  • So, I took a 30 minute slow walk around the shops whilst the car was valeted, and had a 6" wholewheat subway with chicken breast and all the salad (red onion, cucumber, sweetcorn, peppers, lettuce), I don't have sauces as I'm not a big fan of wet sandwiches. This was surprisingly low in fat and calories (for a yummy and filling sandwich!). I chose a packet of Quavers to go with it and a diet coke (instead of my usual smarties cookie!).

    Running calorie count: 660

    Breakfast: 249

    Lunch: 411



  • I've cooked a great big chilli from scratch with loads of veg (peppers, kidney beans, mushrooms, onion, spinach) I shall have it on a 100g roasted sweet potato. I had a persimmon fruit for a snack this afternoon. I feel like it's been a great first day full of fresh salad & veg.

    Running calorie count: 1288 (end of day)

    Breakfast: 249

    Lunch: 411

    Dinner: 510

    Snack: 118

  • Well done on the planning and making such a good start. Hope the hip is working well for you.

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