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A new Challenge

Yesterday was my first day of the 12 week plan/challenge and it went well, 1420 calories, I know 20 calories over but I'm happy with that.

This is the first time I've tried the plan so fingers crossed for success.

Would like to lose 15.9kg to bring my BMI down to the healthy range and be able to go out and buy size 12 clothes.

Hope everyone had a good day yesterday.

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Well done, don't get hung up about 20 calories, a few ups & downs are neither here nor there. I lost 22 kg on the plan & subsequently following the principles. Good luck with your journey.


WOW!! 22kg is a fantastic achievement. Very inspiring.

Thank you for the good wishes.


Ooops sorry got my units mixed. It was 10 lb - 22 kg. But none the less the programme does work. Currently working on losing a kilo of holiday weight & another 2 extra.


You mean 10 kg, which is 22 lb ... It's OK, we understood what you meant! Well done, that is excellent.


10kg is still a fantastic achievement.


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