Weekday angel...Weekend DEVIL

So bloody annoyed with myself , after a really good week of controlled eating ( actually enjoyed balancing the calorie books) I've spent the weekend eating and drinking far too much :(

I know I really need a strategy/plan in place for weekends - does anyone else have this issue? Would love/appreciate some useful motivational tips.

Monday morning Blues :(



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22 Replies

  • Sadly I find abstinence is the only cure - but it is as a consequence monumentally dull. I am going with the it is only temporary short term pain for long term gain- but that is actually quite a long time.....

  • Thanks for your advice Suzyben - I will try to be more organised , I'm not sure abstinence is the way forward for me ( if I feel I'm missing out I tend to over compensate)

    Good Luck!


  • Hi sorry to hear your week end undid all the hard work in the week. We have just had family for the weekend to celebrate a birthday so lots of food around. The only way I stuck at my diet was planning a head. I ate the same meals but cooked some parts of mine separately to keep it fat free. Also I had to make choices not to eat cake or drink alcohol. It's really hard but it does pay off in the end.

    Have you thought about what low calorie drinks you could enjoy?

    Hope you have a better week this week.

  • I think planning ahead is going to be key! I will organise myself better...weighed in a managed to loose 1lb...sheer luck!

  • Well done. Those surprises are so good.

  • Hi wmma1973,

    At one level you've got to make a decision here. Is losing weight really important to you? If so, you just need to focus on other, not-boring, activities and leave the eating and drinking alone.

    Now that doesn't necessarily mean not going here or there, but it does mean, for example, if you go out on the tiles, that you're careful about what you eat and drink. That is, keep the alcohol well moderate, avoid the junk, and keep the portions in control.

    But, perhaps you should - at least until you get a bit better at the control thing - focus on more 'active' activities and less 'sit-down-and-eat' ones.

    If you do go out eating, avoid the fattiest and sweetest stuff - and watch the sauces and toppings too.

    Share a starter (if you can't wriggle out of having one), and similarly with a dessert. There are always ways to get yourself off the hook - so be inventive.

    My other half used to very politely accept various sweet and chocolatey things in offices and dislikes sweet things and is allergic to chocolate. But, you know, she would always say that she was going to have it later, once such-and-such a bit of work was finished. In truth, she'd give it away to someone else, or bring it home to me (when I used to eat that sort of stuff), or if desperate, slip it unseen into a bin.

    Be resourceful - you can do it.

  • Great advice! I like the idea of focusing on the more 'active activities.'

    I 'm fully aware that I'm my own worst enemy - I shall practice a few excuses to avoid 'sticky situations' and hopefully my will power will follow:)



  • I definitely have this problem! It has been a feature of my life for a long time and I have accepted I won't change overnight. I tend to put in a greater effort over the week - when the evil and calorific alcohol is not around - and save up some calories for the weekend. I have also accepted that this will slow my weight loss down - I have averaged 1 lb a week over the last 20 weeks - but at least I am still going and feel like I can keep going. If I had cut out my weekend treats I would have lost weight quicker, but I would have given up by now. Overall I have considerably reduced my weekend overindulgence but slowly - so it hasn't been too painful. Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself - this is the long haul not the two week wonder!

  • You have actually given me exactly the same advice as my sister gave me yesterday!

    She went to Slimming World and was disheartened to start with as many people were loosing 2-4lb per week, she only ever managed 1lb per week.....6 month on she has lost nearly 2 stone and looks great - she also said many of the ones that had big losses had big gains too! Slow and steady might just win this race! :)

  • Hi emma1973,

    That's a hugely relevant point, by the way. People who lose weight quickly, are more likely to regain it.

    An average weight loss rate of 1 to 2 lbs a week is just fine - it gives your body time to adapt to the changes in your eating habits and your exercise/activity levels.

  • Haha great minds... I look at it as an alternative version of the 5:2 diet - where the 2 is the weekend and represents easing up not fasting. I also find if I deny myself something I end up desperately wanting it - if I am relaxed about whether I can have something or not - I just don't need it so much. We are all different. The NHS 12 week programme advice is to lose 1-2 lbs per week, but I still feel a bit inadequate when I read on here about people who have lost 4 or 5 lbs a week. I am however happy overall with the way things are going and that they are still going! Us weekend Devils need to stick together!! Good luck.

  • Cheers Walkthisway :)

    Happy calorie counting!

    Emma :)

  • Hi Emma, no tips just a sympathy vote. That is for us both, I,ve done exactly the same thing. Beyond annoyance. And if I see another load of indulgent Christmas food ads with skinny Minnies eating and drinking, oblivious to my pain I,ll scream. Rant over now where is the calorie book......

  • Ahhhh Chino:)

    Thanks for the sympathy vote , I've just responded to a post above from 'WALKTHISWAY' - I think slow and steady might be better for me ( I'm less likely to fall off the wagon).

    Be strong , we can do this :)

  • My husband I eat/ drink very healthily in the week, but have what we call Sinday Sunday. We then have either 1 meal or desert that we have been craving in the week, but only 1. this is really successful for my husband who has an awful sweet tooth. He says he can resist knowing that he can have it on Sunday if he really wants to. Might not work for everyone, but takes the guilt out of it for us :) both losing 1-2 pound a week :)

  • Ljul - Thanks for the advice - I like the idea, however I'm an impulse eater and I need to retrain my whole eating strategy....I wish I could wait until a certain day....It's something I will work on!

    Thanks for responding - It's always nice to hear how other people deal with weight loss :)


  • My husband I eat/ drink very healthily in the week, but have what we call Sinday Sunday. We then have either 1 meal or desert that we have been craving in the week, but only 1. this is really successful for my husband who has an awful sweet tooth. He says he can resist knowing that he can have it on Sunday if he really wants to. Might not work for everyone, but takes the guilt out of it for us :) both losing 1-2 pound a week :)

  • What day of the week do you weigh in? Do it on a Monday then you will have little choice but to be good or suffer the consequences!!!

  • It used to be a Wednesday - but have changed it this week to Monday!! Great idea!! :) Thanks for the advice :)

  • I would suggest one of three approaches..

    a. dont try and do too much initially, IF you are succeeding at being a weekday angel for now, wait till THAT becomes 'habitual' and the 'norm' for you before you start tackling weekends? once it IS established you will be better able to cope with dealing with weekends ( besides 5 days good 2 days bad, better than 7 days bad surely?)

    or b. if you WANT to ' tackle' weekend try a ' small steps approach' - don't try and do it all at once ( which in the long term is harder to sustain) instead look for one SMALL win every weekend , one 'food swap' for something healthier.. make sure there is always fruit around the house.. and if you feel the need to snack , snack on that instead...

    c. )say NO one time each weekend to something you know you shouldn't - buit only once for the weekend then once THAT gets established ( and we are talking months rather than weeks here ) build up to TWO ' no's '

    and concentrate on the WINS rather than the ' slips' , i tend to look at it as.. even if I dont do MUCH.. a little is better than nothing ... and if you can live with a little for while.. it does eventually become a lot!!

    Hope this helps a little?

  • Bloody great advice!

    Apologies for the quick reply - off to do some work :)

    Emma :)

  • and if you still face problems , have more ' tips' up my sleeve too.. let me know how you get on!

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