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Hi all, ive been experimenting with different exercise types over the last few weeks and its actually been fun. I have a small weight set that I use when sitting watching the tv, I do step ups on my wii fit board while watching tv for up to 30mins every other day, I bought an abs exercise wheel wow that hurt the day after doing only 20 reps, and I now own boxing gloves, they are so much fun, arms were killing after a few mins but I enjoyed it so can slowly build up more and more stamina on them plus allows me some one on one time with my bf and helps him to help me :-) after christmas im going to buy a cross trainer. So far though me and my bf are clearing an area in the living room so we can both work out, hes already skinny but wants to bulk up and tone up his muscles.

has anyone else found little exercise things they can do at home to keep themselves active and build up more exercise in their daily life?


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  • thats great, keep up the good work. i wish i had someone to work out with.

  • Cheers, I do most of it alone but thankfully hes supportive at least, helps with cooking as well while I work so im pretty lucky.

    Hope its going well for you

  • tes u r lucky

  • I ise a excercise bike, kettle bell and dumbells, while watching tv, as I find excercising boring. My favourite excercise is walking my 3 small dogs for 45 mins 3 times a day. If you don't have a dog, you could walk a neighbours, if they have 1. I'm sure they would appreciate it....

  • Cheers for the advice, exercising can defo be boring thats why I normally do things in front of the tv, I walk around town a lot on my days off and im on my feet most of the time at work.

  • I wear a Fitbit and aim and walking or running at least 10,000 steps a day. If your bf had one too you could link them to compare results. My daughter has a Garmin Vivofit and says that's a great motivator too.

  • How much does a fitbit cost? Ive looked at things like that but they seem costly.

  • I have the little Fitbit Zip which I'm absolutely delighted with and wear it 24/7. It was around £40 but you can generally get them on eBay as well for less. I've had mine over a year and now walk or run around 5 miles a day which I wouldn't do without its motivation. I've just run to the cinema, watched a film and run home again, a round trip of over four miles. That still isn't enough for the day so I'll walk up the road and back before bed tonight, or pace in front of the TV. All good exercise and all burning calories (which I won't eat back).

  • Thank you ill look into it. Well done :-) I have a job where im on my feet 90% of the time doing 12 hour shifts so plenty of walking at that but still trying to do extra out of work

  • You'll find it fascinating then seeing just how many miles you walk in a week! I probably used to walk around 10 a week and now it's often around 40. :)

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