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A good little start

Thank you to everyone who has left a message of support you've all really helped me. I was feeling really down today and in the past I would have gone to the cupboard for some chocolate but instead I came on here and read all those lovely messages of support so thank you, all of you.

Haven't weighed myself yet waiting til Monday but I have started to improve my life style. I've ditched the fry ups and chocolate breakfast cereals for a fruit smoothie and have taken up walking and even made the brave trip to the swimming pool (after ringing up to find out when the quietest time is). I know this doesn't sound like a lot of changes but I feel better already knowing I'm changing my life a step at a time. I feel like I'm more likely to stick to it this time if I ease myself in rather than jumping in head first and giving up everything I have used as a comfort blanket. It might take me longer to lose the weight but I'm trying to change my life and learn how to still have a meal out or a take away with friends but still be healthy. I want to live my life.


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It's all about what works for you. Well done for avoiding food as comfort today when feeling low, thats a great first step. If easing in to it works for you then go for it, your weight loss journey is all about you putting yourself first and doing whats right for you.

Good luck and try not to let the bad days get you down, we all have them especially starting out, two days ago I was in so much pain and feeling low because I didnt do any exercise but for me I just needed that days to rest and ive been more upbeat since.

keep up the good work :-)


What do you mean "doesn't sound like a lot of changes", it sounds like an awesome start! Well done you!

Perfect way to do. Keep up the good work.


Slow and steady wins the race! Good luck, no point in fad diets we need long term eating plans......


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