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Week 9 Run 1 - I Can Run 5K Yippee!!

I was doing my regular plod on the treadmill but couldn't find the Week 9 run on my ipod. So used week 8 but only did a 3 minute warm up walk, so that I'd stay in time with Laura. When it came time to stop I just didn't feel like stopping so carried on running until I'd done 3.1 miles then carried on some more to make up for the 3 min walk at the start. I could have carried on even longer but needed to be somewhere else. 9 weeks ago I wouldn't have believed it possible. I'm 66 and classed as obese. ugh!

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That's great news,

I'm on week 3 now, and I feel great. I'm on a diet, losing some weight along the way, and I'll keep going inshallah :)


I'm trying to lose weight too. This morning the scales told me I'm now just overweight and no longer obese. I am so glad I found this program. Some runs are a bit more difficult than others but I am so glad I persevered. Good luck with the program and your weightloss.


Well done that is fantastic!! I'm so pleased for everyone on here as it's inspiration to people like me starting out, thinking they'll never manage it...well done on perservering and getting to 5k! I really think it's a fantastic programme, a great, supportive forum on here etc. Onwards and upwards from there. Fingers crossed in January I'll be on this forum saying the same :) There should be C25K clubs that people can join, rather than just 'running clubs' which are intimidating to the newbies like myself.


good luck,

the thing about this thing is the feeling of accomplishment it brings with it. I also feel more confident about myself. I'm sorry though that i haven't stated earlier, but family socializing is all about food here, and that made me overweight!


January is not too far off. You've picked a difficult time to start the program but its amazing what can be achieved with a little bit of determination. What a lovely way for you to begin next year. I don't know anything about running clubs but don't think I want to join one yet either. Enjoy your running.


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