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Hello Everyone,

Well here I go again, hopefully for the last time, making a decision to be lighter and healthier for good. I'm a SAHM (but hoping to go back to work next year), and I find that staying at home for the children has meant that my weight has crept up, and up, and up... it's not so much that I eat chocolate, cakes and crisps, but just too much toast, cheese sandwiches, and eat with the kids because I can't wait, then some more when my husband gets home, it all adds up. I know what to do, I'm just too fatigued to do so, my mojo went south with my pre-kids life years ago!

I'm hoping to start getting out to exercise classes more, and I used to run so am toying with the idea of the Couch to 5K plan, but am too embarrassed to haul myself around outside with everyone staring at me :-( I might try the indoors exercise DVD option for a while, to get myself back into it.

Anyway, with the youngest one signed up to start school next summer, it's Mike Wazowski, Get-Your-Life-Back-Lane for me, so I plan to be getting ready for it now. I was hoping us newbies could club together for the Monday weigh-ins, so if you'd like to join in, please add introduce yourself and add your name to the list below. I'm going to stick my weight on the wall for all to see, but of course no-one else has to, we could just post our losses as we go next Monday.

Good Luck to us!

SlinkySeal33: 12st12lbs (gulp!) Loss:0

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Hello! I'm new, too, although I signed up a couple of weeks ago but haven't really given it much of a go since then. I would be happy to 'join your club' and actually shift a few stone (ha!) My name's Louise and my children are now teenagers - I found I did better weight-wise when I was at home with them as I could organise myself, whereas now I'm in from work and rummaging through the cupboards whilst I ponder what to cook!

So a kick up the backside is needed, as my knees are aching and my tummy is constantly in the way! Eat less, move more and organise the Tesco list. Hardly rocket science, is it?! See you on Monday.


Ok, Monday is here and I am thrilled to post a 4lb loss! The calorie counting was not too onerous, and there were only a couple of sticky moments where I got too hungry. I even managed to stay under the limit with a roast dinner, which I was proud of.

Hopefully lots of you have had a good week too, and post below if you feel like it :-)

SlinkySeal33: 12st 7.6lbs Loss: -4.4lbs yippee!


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