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Ricky Vara

Ricky Vara

Hi folks it's been around three months since my last post. I was 171 kg in weight now my weight stands at 157 kg. fact is a 14 kg loss of Weight in other words that means 4.7 kg and month. I didn't do anything X specific go on a crash diet or anything all I did was just eat smaller portions only responsibly Fatty foods only eight if I was hungry and drink loads at least 2 L but sometimes I never used to do but that's the only habit I need to catch up and drink loads of water. I still need to lose 34 kg to receive my ideal goal before perhaps going for cosmetic surgery and I know I can do this in around 6 to 7 months.

This can be done by anyone know give up if you make a mistake one day or be naughty for one day but tomorrow will be another day if you know what I mean but never give up your initial aim look at those models in magazines and on TV they must work really hard okay to go to the gym but they must work hard somehow to maintain their goals.

Good luck to everyone out there and Godspeed

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Well done Ricky, your looking good and thats the reward for sticking to your plan...


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