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Back on the wagon

This is the first time I have posted anything on this site, but am looking for inspiration. Last year I lost over a stone following the 5:2 diet. It was easy to do, but this year has been a washout. This summer I have been going through a rough time and have eaten my way to putting back half of what I lost. I have Sjogren's Syndrome and osteoathritis and it is easy to feel sorry for yourself when you have little energy to shop or cook. It becomes whatever is to hand. I know I have around another two stone to go to get below obese, but it feels like climbing mountains. Today I went back on the diet, fingers crossed I can stick to it this time.

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Remember this is a long game... that's where I struggle! Take it all a smell step at a time and count your victories. Even if it's just resisting an extra piece of chocolate, it is a victory.

Also, if you're demoralised just come on here and read some posts. Everyone is in a similar boat and just wants everyone to well by themselves. It's very good reading for moral and faith in humanity.

Best wishes!

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What a great tip. I've just resisted chocolate and after reading this feel much better than if I had indulged thanks


Good luck! And remember that if the 5:2 diet is too difficult for you to stick to, consider having a lower amount of calories and eating the same amount each day (ie 1200 a day), that way hopefully in the 2 days you won't cave.


Good luck . Have you been checked for coeliac disease, as the two can often go together?

If you want to try something different from the 5:2 diet, have a look at cutting back on the carbohydrates you eat. It's a good way to lose weight without feeling hungry.



Hi Penel, Thank you for your thoughts Yes I have been checked for coeliac. It seems like you know something about the disease. Not many do unfortunately. I do cut back on the starchy carbs while having a fast day but I have to careful the rest of the time to eat enough insoluble fibre, so a low carb diet is not necessarily the best thing all the time. I have given it a go on occasion.


Well, cheers to you and good luck. It's quite a difficult diet but I know that you can stick to it. If there will be times that you thinking about giving up on it then try to look back to the very main reason which motivates you to go back on dieting.


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