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Hello everyone I just found this while doing some weight loss research on the nhs website. Im 30 and nearly 22st lost almost a st and half at start of the yr doing slimming world while my husband was away but when he came back it just piled back on and when they changed the times of group I simply couldnt go anymore. Im living in germany at the moment so I find dieting even more of struggle. Im hoping by following this 12 week plan will help me as I think calorie counting will be easer than trying to find certain foods here.

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Welcome, I recomend using my fitness pal to track your calories as a first step, we have a weekly weigh in thread started on Monday by Lowcal feel free. To join us! Good luck


Thank you ive noticed im starting to suffer health wise really short of breath pains in feet and ankles so need to start doing something


Welcome and good luck!!


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