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Feeling optimistic :)

Silly me. I joined this forum two weeks ago and was wondering how you know what the 12 week plan is. Bit dim of me. Found it now and printed it all off. Im 5'5 12st 5lb and I will be 23 this month. I need to loose 39lb which is such a daunting number but ive managed to loose 18 once before with slimming world but I couldn't afford it and the weight came back on. Using my fitness pal app and was going to start the 12 weeks today cause I had bonfire cake last night but instead ive been good and counted yesterday and forced myself to the gym this morning to work it off. Hoping to be under 12 st for my birthday on the 30th. Really pleased for all those qhove achieved good results already. Cheers to healthy living :)

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Hi Elle-j,

Whilst for some the notion of joining some sort of group or signing up to some kind of programme is helpful, personally my view is that there is only ONE person who will take control of your eating and that is YOU.

Good healthy and nutritious food, in reasonable amounts, does not have to be expensive, but perhaps takes a bit more thinking about and planning than just stretching for the nearest convenient junk food.

But as you get into the habit of buying, preparing and eating better food (i.e. food that contains the full range of nutrients and that does not contain excessive fats and sugars), the easier it all becomes. Furthermore, your 'new' eating habits won't stay 'new', they'll just be what you do (much as your 'bad' eating habits are now). Also, as you eat less fat and sugar laden foods, you'll find them less attractive as your tastes change. A big reason why people eat unhelpful foods such confectionery, cakes, etc., is quite simply just because they are used to eating them - that's what they normally eat.

(As that's what they normally eat, and as they contain too much fat /sugar and inadequate amounts of other nutrition, you could say - that's also what normally causes them to be overweight.)

And that kind of re-training is all part of the weight loss journey.

As for the bonfire cake. Best advice is, if you overdo the calories somewhat one day, cut back a tad the next. Or if you know it's coming, cut back a tad in advance, for that matter.


That's a big number make some smaller goals, I am an inch taller than you, 169cms and I have a BMI of nearly 24 but that makes me a size 10 weighing 10.10 so 9.5 may be very light for you, get in to the healthy range then re-asses when you get there - good luck!

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One step at a time and just do 1/2 an hour 5 days a week of walking to start !!!

Breat it into 15 min chunks and the time flies by...... Just move everyday apart from the normal stuff !!!

You watch the weight come off & everyone needs a treat,so don't be to strict ( just be in control)

Good luck.

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don't worry we all done things like that,Im 8 weeks in and have lost 16ILbs and this site helped me to find a diet that suits me ,Ive found through some support and reading the posts a diet that works better for me and Im 60 which usually makes weightloss harder especially as now I have injured my knee .just keep checking in and expect that you will have the odd cheat or bad day just remember its not the one day that will stop you losing weight ,just get back to it the next day,try and think ahead what you will do when you go out for an evening so as you plan how you will manage this, as you must still have fun. good luck.

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Good for you - making a positive start


Cheers to you for having a good start on healthy living journey. Just keep gettin' on the moving. And about the bonfire cake, well, I think it's okay to have a cheat day once in a while. All the best.


aww everyones so nice and supportive on here :) Well considering I ate the bonfire cake I have managed to lose 2.5lbs this week already although its the same few lbs I loose every week and put back on again at the weekend but I'm determined to keep it off this time. :)

Prin, I'd be happy if I was a healthy size 10 at 10 stone, 9.5 is just what the machine told me I should be :/ I'm going to take it half a stone at a time and see how far I get. I think when you get to the weight you should be your body will prevent you loosing much more. I've witnessed that with my future mother-in-law anyway. She does slimming world but struggles to loose any more weight once she gets down to 9stone something so I think her body knows where to stop. I hope mine will too :)


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