Less to lose, should it be harder?

Hi all

I am 9st 12 and trying to lose 12lb having put on half a stone following my wedding this year. I am really struggling to shift anything, despite having upped my exercise from zero to running 5k three times a week (thanks to c25k!!)

I need to be more consistent in tracking my food, so have given myself a good talking-to and will be best friends again with myfitnesspal.

But is anyone else in a similar position and has any tips?

Maybe it shouldn't be any harder at a lower weight, I don't know. But you can't make such drastic changes as they had already been made at some point.

It's a bit silly really cos even writing this I know that what I should do is: - cut out all junk (yes, everything)

- move from wine to gin & slim

- go back to eating salad for lunch

Doing it is the hard bit! :/

Good luck to everyone on their journeys...


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  • Hi karenoc,

    Like any weight loss journey, when you only want to lose a few pounds, it's really all about changing habits.

    The main focus needs to be your food intake. Increasing your activity levels does assist with the weight loss process - through changing the amounts of various hormones that your body produces which regulate functions such as fat burning and fat storage and feelings of hunger and satiation - but the main point of exercise is really to improve your fitness, i.e. your strength, flexibility or stamina. And, you can be very fit and still fat. 'Fit' does not necessarily equal healthy.

    Now, if you were a fair bit overweight - say a bit over four stone, as I was - you would probably find you had to reduce you calorie intake more as your body became lighter. That is because one aspect of the amount of calories you need on a daily basis is the amount you need just to maintain your current body mass. A heavier body needs more 'maintenance' calories than a lighter one. So, it is often the case that people need to fine tune their calorie intake and weight loss regime as they become closer to their target weight in order to lose the last bit of excess weight.

    My advice would be to focus on eating good nutritious food - at an appropriate frequency and appropriately portioned - and, as you say, cut out the 'junk', i.e. low nutrition food that is high in fat and sugar, but lacks other nutrients.

    Aim to lose about 1 to 2 lbs a week on average. That's a sensible and healthy rate of weight loss.

  • Thanks returner - that's a really helpful post.

    You are right about fine tuning - I've never quite got it right yet. lets see how this plan goes. I lost 2 stone before getting to my current weight - but years ago and have plateaued ever since.

    A huge well done on losing 4 stone - really inspiring.

  • I'm in the same boat, I'm 10 Stone 4lbs & was 12st when I started, I quickly dropped to 10st 6lbs by watching what I eat & exercising, but haven't lost a pound in months I track everything, yes I have a few drinks at weekend but never get drunk!! So don't know why the weight loss had stopped.. Going to try upping my work outs but think I'm just gonna have to stick at it & hope I shift it eventually

  • Hey we are on the same journey :) I started at 12st too. OriginAlly I got down to 9st 9lb but quite quickly plateau'd back at 10st7.

    I flitted about there for about 2 years! then started a wedding diet, getting from 10st3 to 9st4. In the 6 months since I put back on about 8lb and now am 9st12.

    My ultimate goal has always been 9 stone though never quite achieved it. However anything below 9st7 felt great. I really notice the extra half stone now - clothes all tight. Also I am short - so every pound seems to make a difference. I am going on a long trip in January so have to shift that again before I go.

    So far this week has been good and I've been tracking around 1400cal.

    I always find if I can stick to it well in the first couple of weeks then it motivates me to keep going.

    Let me know how you get on x

  • It will more than likely take you quite a bit longer to lose 12 lb than for someone who is more overweight. You are reducing calories from a base that is already much lower than that of someone with a lot of weight to lose. If you reduce it by hundreds your body will protest, as you will be getting too close to its 'nutrition deficiency' danger zone - you may get very hungry, or feel lethargic, etc.

    But if you keep your calories around 1200 you should lose a pound or so a week, which is a good pace. On the days you run you could even eat one or two hundred more.

    I have 18 lbs to lose. I don't 'time' it in terms of a number of lbs a week: I just want to lose it steadily over time without punishing my body.

    I also run, and love it, but it doesn't do anything for my weight loss as such. I must be out-eating all the calories burned!

  • Thanks for the good advice. I am aiming to lose 7lb before end of year, a pound a week roughly, but lets just see what happens.

    It's a shame that the running doesn't seem to help our weight loss eh!! I do feel better for it though - although these dark evenings definitely make it harder! X

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