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Need a new diet for weight loss, lifestyle etc complex though

Hey all, just signed up today. Basically i want to lose some weight and become healthier, but my job/diet makes that a nightmare, not sure where to start here so i figure maybe if i just tell you all a few bullet points about myself and then any other questions you have, feel free to ask.

I'm 26

I'm 17st

I'm a truck driver so 90% of my daily intake is in the form of pack up

I'm also a very fussy eater, i've never eaten meat, or vegetables.

My daily diet consists of a chocolate biscuit and bag of crisps 3x a day while at work.

It'd be great if there was anyone else out there who is a fussy eater like me and has any advice on what to eat to become healthier.

P.S - I have no medical conditions at all, as hard as that is to believe.

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I think you really do need a lifestyle change and look to changing your eating habits. It is not something you can do overnight though. Do you eat anything else except crisps and biscuits? You say you don't eat meat but what about fish & dairy such as cheese?

When you are not working do you do any exercise?


Why do you not like meat or veg? I personally have a texture problem with a lot of things, but not taste, so I've always been able to eat a soup but not a salad (cue hundreds of awkward conversations where people are sure you could eat it if you want -_- ). I'm 24 and I've been trying hard this last year to try new things or things cooked in different ways and do eat a lot more than I used to. I don't think I'll ever even be able to pick up a raw tomato without freaking out, but life is easier and rather healthier.

I hate to say this, as people always say to just try things but it's not that simple. You need to be feeling brave and be in the mindset to not put yourself off before you try. But do try and sample new things. It is possible. It's just scary and often unpleasant. I feel your pain on this.

For a packed lunch: pasta in a light sauce and fruit? Or cheese sandwich on wholemeal and some fruit?

(Aside: all fruit still freaks me out!)


How open are you to trying new things? If someone put something down in front of me that was new I would have to be in the right mood to try it, if it looked funny or smelled a bit iffy then I wouldn't even try it. Is this a problem you have?

For the veg, have you tried cooking them different ways and with different seasoning. Like carrots, you can boil them, roast them, puree them or have them raw. They all have different tastes and textures even though it's the same veg. If you puree them you can add margarine and salt so they don't even taste like veg, you can then reduce the salt and marg so you're weaned onto carrot.

How about eggs? You could boil eggs and take them in the truck with you as a snack, or people have mentioned egg muffins. I've not tried them but you seem to be able to add what you like to them and have them as breakfast or snacks. Eggs are a good source of protein.

You could also sign up to My Fitness Pal, log everything you eat and you will be able to see from that what the healthier options are from what you eat already.

Good luck,



I've always been like this since being a baby, and yes if something looks or smells funny, i just point blank turn away and wont even attempt to try it. It's very much a mental challenge rather than physical, i've always convinced myself i'm not going to like something before even trying it.. I dont eat fish no, as for dairy i drink a lot of milk, couple pints a day i'd say, i eat a lot of dairylea cheese spread on stuff like cream crackers or ryvita, i finally tried a pizza a couple years ago and now love them, although i've only ever tried a margerita, still refuse to try anything else :-/... Today i went to TGI Friday's with my partner and tried a bit of chicken wing dipped in jack daniels sauce, was different, didn't taste bad nor good if i'm honest. I've never eaten fruit or pasta. The more i read this back to myself the more i wonder how i'm not morbidly obese or have some major health problems, the truth is i'm perfectly normal health wise, when i tell people i'm 17st they refuse to believe it as i dont look it, but i think thats due to me being 6ft 3.


The decision is yours. You are young and you have time. If you are healthy and fit and eating a limited diet isn't a concern - doesn't inhibit your life - then go forward as you are. If you see yourself with children, or maybe you have them already, would you be content if they ate as you do? If you want to travel, do you see yourself avoiding the food or your travels or taking it along with you in your luggage? Might be it's worth seeking support to free yourself up from these limitations if you see them as such.

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Hi.... Have you thought about hypnotherapy or NLP to help you with your aversions to many types of food? I always find it sad when someone refuses to try different foods. Even sadder is the fact that you will undoubtedly pass this on to another child who sees or hears your reaction. This is very damaging and you may find it is how you began with you own limiting beliefs was either example or an experience. These therapies can definitely aid you on your recovery with this. Good luck.


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