54 and over weight


first day on the nhs weight loss program.

seems sensible.

i am 120kg and should be around 85kg for height.

i was always big as a child but very fit.

ran everywhere.

played all sort of sports including rugby and worked hard to bulk up for it.

now i wish i hadnt.

i have CKD and i am not on dialisys yet but may need it in the future.

i need to lose a good deal of weight for this reason.

i feel healthy enough but the extra weight is not helping the kidneys.

i go to the gym at least twice aa week and do plenty of aerobic and cardio stuff with some resistance work in there also ,

i did as a younger man drink a lot of beer.

this has left me with a beer belly that i am not proud of and honestly i didnt think i had an issue till recently and i saw holiday pictures.

i have a niece getting married in may and want to get the weight off to look better than i did on holiday and to help the kidneys last a bit longer. any encouragement will be helpful and appreciated.




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10 Replies

  • Hi Johnnie; I am also paying for my sins of indulgence!

    You have identified very good reasons for why it is essential to lose weight. Now it is just a matter of cutting down on food intake, and keeping up that exercise. Good luck, and remember that your kidneys will be so grateful if you can just persevere with doing with less food for a while. It will be worth it ...

  • thanks

  • You sound like you're doing great on the exercise already, so I think you will see some good progress over the next week or two if you combine the exercise with a reduced calorie intake. Take it a week & a kilo at a time, you will get there! X

  • thanks.

  • Have you had some advice on what you should be eating from a dietician? It's important to get the right balance of foods if you have CKD.

    Good luck with your weight loss.

  • yes i have and i do try and stick to it. its difficult as i love to cook and try different foods. cutting down on portions is required and beer is out completely.

  • I also have to exclude some foods because of health reasons. I try to cook with a lot of different vegetables, and herbs and spices. I'm not a vegetarian but I find that vegetarian recipes often have some interesting ideas.

    Well done on all the exercising. I hope your change in eating will help you improve your health and enjoy the wedding.

  • I love to cook too and find it helps too as you don't 'need'to brown meat or veggies in oil or add oils to pasta sauces as the ready meals do and chefs suggest in recipes. I use very little fat in my cooking, virtually no salt and use herbs to flavour.

    This time of year I make a lot of soups and broths. Mega healthy and very filling.

    I started the 5:2 diet a few months ago. As I was a big eater the first couple of 'fast' (low calorie) days were dreadful. Now they're second nature and I don't feel deprived at all. It gives you freedom from calorie counting on the non-fast days (and after the first couple of weeks you stop over-indulging to compensate ha ha)

    It has finally reduced the middle-aged spread I was disgusted to notice a couple of years ago where other diets failed. I exercise too of course and am really enjoying my healthy lifestyle

    The great thing about it though is there's no diet to fall off of. If your plans change on a fast day and you eat, you simply fast the next day.

    Good luck with your journey - you sound very motivated :-)

  • Cheers. Will post progress weekly.

  • Thanks for that. Hope to do well on this plan.

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