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Thank you guys!

I haven't posted on here before and am very good at this whole calorie counting thing (suits my temperament well, like that my scheduled sweeties are 100% allowed!) but, I am a terrible forum lurker. Any time I feel grumpy or disheartened I come on here and read what's happening and I feel much better, but have never posted.

So I am posting to thank you all for all your help. Is good to see people being nice on the internet. It's worth coming on here just to restore my faith in humanity.

I want to lose around 4 kg more. I've managed 8 kg in 8 weeks, so may do it by the end of the 12. Then just to figure out how to stay that way.

Keep being lovely to each other and best of luck with all your journeys! And thanks again!

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Well done. I found the best way to keep it off is to continue to plan meals and keep exercising. (c25k is great)


Remember the last bit of weight is always the hardest to lose so don't lose heart if it takes a little longer. Good luck!


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