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Week 1

After years of yo yo dieting I discovered SW and the gym and lost 3 stone. I then found a new partner and put a stone back on. In June I had an accident and found myself sitting on the couch eating cake and drinking coffee. I've just undergone an operation and discovered my BMI was 28 this has motivated me to get my act together and do something about my weight. My follow up appointment is in 12 weeks time so thought this fitted in nicely!

I'm writing down everything that goes into my mouth and totting up the calories. Need to lose 2 stone to get back to my ideal weight and refuse to pay £5 a week to a group as I no exactly what I should be doing. I'm going to join in with the weekly weigh ins. Everything crossed for a good first week!!

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Welcome! This forum will offer you encouragement and support in abundance. You can join us for our Monday weigh in if you wish and Lowcal does a brilliant job by posting the link on here each Monday morning and gives us the encouragement we all need! Good luck.


Years of yo-yo ing weight here too:( I know what you mean, I also feel I know exactly what I have to do now, that's the easy part I suppose in some respects. It's sticking to the healthy eating/calorie-controlled plant that's so blooming difficult!!! Good luck, look forward to hearing how you get on x


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